Zebra RFID

Zebra RFID. More Transformation. No Complication.

The long-awaited potential of consistent and reliable RFID is here and within reach. Robust gains without the pains.

Leverage Zebra’s decades of expertise, design thinking and software development to achieve maximum RAIN RFID efficiency, while minimizing the pains of multi-vendor solutions. Unlike other players, Zebra gives you the industry’s broadest, field-proven RFID portfolio for unmatched accuracy and interoperability. Connect it all and create a platform that elevates every system, device, tag and worker.

Now you’re in command, but not on your own. With an ecosystem of support and partners to guide you, the way forward is clear and pain-free.

  • Maximum Gains with Minimum Pains.

    RFID is complex and can be unreliable if not done right. Skip the pain. The long-awaited potential of consistent, reliable RFID is not only possible, it’s now practical and within reach. Transform your business and get ahead of competitors by leveraging Zebra's 50 years of expertise in unmatched accuracy and interoperability. Prepare to reveal opportunities hidden in plain sight and act on them in real-time.

  • Connect It All in One Cohesive Platform.

    Drive full-scale transformation without the risk. By relying on the industry's deepest, field-proven portfolio, you'll achieve maximum RFID gains, while minimizing the pains associated with poorly engineered solutions. Connect every device, asset and worker into a consistent, fully scaled platform that anticipates real-world challenges, elevates the performance of each component, and automates processes to allow workers to achieve more.

  • Reliable Partners. Real-World Success.

    Implement with confidence knowing you have a Zebra service team, support specialists, and a network of partners to safeguard your every move. You’re doing much more than just powering data capture – you’re building an ecosystem to fuel business transformation…and Zebra RFID is just what you need.

Zebra's Family of RFID Products, Software and Services

From warehouses and loading docks to indoor customer-facing and carpeted environments, our handheld RAIN RFID readers and RFID-enabled scanners help you achieve maximum visibility into your enterprise assets.

Our fixed RAIN RFID readers help you achieve maximum asset visibility across your enterprise. Get even more insight with Zebra’s RFID Array Reader which provides visibility into the pinpoint location of all of your tagged assets, including if they are on the move.

Quickly and accurately track inventory and assets. Our robust RAIN RFID antennas offer the high performance and range needed for high traffic and precision.

Manage and monitor inventory, control costs, and optimize workflows with fast, reliable, highly automated updates when tagged assets pass through a portal or chokepoint.

Your solution depends on reliable data. With the industry’s widest range of printers you can accurately print and encode RAIN RFID labels, tags and cards where and when you need them. Factory- or field-installable RFID encoding capability means you can meet your evolving needs for years to come.

Zebra's selection of stock RFID labels and tags meet the requirements of most applications and budgets.

Optimize your RFID reader with Zebra software tools.  Whether you need to do a proof of concept or develop a fully featured application with RFID readers, these tools help you every step of the way.

The productivity and efficiency gains of RFID are easily lost in poor design, incomplete integration, or missed opportunities. Zebra’s RFID Design will improve the speed, cost, and profitability of any RFID project regardless of the scale.

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Location Technologies

Stay connected and stay in control with our end-to-end solutions, featuring hardware that captures data (including UWB Active RFID, WhereNet Active RFID, Bluetooth® low energy technology, RAIN RFID, as well as 3rd-party locate sensing hardware). In addition, we have more fixed, handheld and portable RFID systems installed than any other provider. Learn more about the hardware that powers our solutions and empowers your business.

Heads Up: This is How You Should Actually Be Managing Your RFID Readers

Scaling and maintaining passive RFID systems will be so much easier once you get the Zebra Motionworks RFID Reader Management software set up, says RFID expert John Hughes.


RFID Tire Identification and Tracking Solution

The RFID identification and tracking of tires enables you to drive increased revenue by providing accurate inventory information to increase revenue and customer satisfaction. However, tires present unique RFID identification challenges. Zebra can help you navigate the identification of the optimal solution to maximize the benefits and return on investment.