Track inventory, speed up delivery and reduce costs

Using imaging solutions designed for warehouse supply chain operations, businesses can proactively respond to customer demand, inventory turnover and regulatory requirements. For manufacturers, imaging solutions scanners and 2D barcodes speed up delivery, reduce waste, control costs and improve customer service. 

Streamline Shipping and Receiving

Shipping labels utilise 2D barcodes that contain more information and enable better data accuracy. As an example, PDF417 can incorporate many data points including the part number, plant location, lot number, weight, pack date, revision and quantity. Shipping labels may also use a mix of both 1D and 2D barcodes.

Boost Pick and Pack Accuracy

Scan the 1D and 2D barcodes on shelf labels, product labels and other barcoded labels to pick, pack and ship orders. 2D codes can offer a smaller footprint than 1D codes and may contain more information enabling better data accuracy.

Track Production with WIP

Barcodes placed on partially manufactured goods allow tracking of all materials and partially finished products at various stages of the production process. WIP excludes inventory of raw materials at the start of the production cycle and finished products inventory at the end of the cycle.

Track and Trace Components

Components tagged with a 2D barcode can be identified throughout the manufacturing process.


If you can't scan Data Matrix, PDF417 and DPM codes, you're missing out on key data that can improve accuracy and trim costs in your manufacturing or warehouse operation.

From top: DPM, PDF417 and Data Matrix
Note: Sample barcodes, not for scanning

Top Imagers for manufacturing & Warehousing

Extreme Density Imager

Handheld Corded Imager 

Near Field 2D Reading

Ultra-Rugged Imager 

High Density Barcode Capture

Ultra-Rugged Imager 

Extended-Range Barcode Capture

Ultra-Rugged Imager  

Superior Data Capture

Ultra-Rugged Imager  

Direct Part Marks Imager

Ultra-Rugged Imager 




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