Patient ID

Medical ID solutions give healthcare staff the assurance they’re working with the right patient and the right medication at the right time, eliminating preventable patient identification errors.

Five ways to be responsible with patient identification

Our short guide to the risks involved in patient ID highlights key issues to consider when assessing your current levels of patient care. This will help to identify the steps you can take to improve medical ID processes and patient safety, while keeping costs low and achieving legislative compliance.

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Risk of hand-written medical ID notes infographic

Illegibility causes misidentification, in turn causing patient ID-related errors that can have fatal consequences. Our infographic highlights the risks in healthcare environments.


The Five Rights of Patient Safety

Patient safety and positive patient identification under your care are critical. Our infographic outlines the fundamental rights a patient can expect, and the implications of patient misidentification.

Risk of hand-written medical ID notes video

Bad handwriting causes healthcare errors and potentially life-threatening risks to patients in healthcare environments. This video takes a look at the time, cost and health implications of illegible patient notes.

Improve patient safety with medical ID wristbands

Barcoding with medical ID wristbands give you and your staff the assurance that you’re working with the right patient and the right medication at the right time, eliminating preventable and potentially lethal medical ID errors. Read our whitepaper here.

Patient identification survey

Is patient safety as high as it could or should be in your list of healthcare priorities? Take our simple one-minute online medical identification survey. It helps you to assess how you ensure positive patient identification and prevent healthcare errors.

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Medical ID wristband printing: thermal or laser?

Offering the most comprehensive selection of patient ID wristband solutions in the industry, we’ve outlined some considerations for both laser and thermal printing to help you decide which technology works best for your healthcare environment. Learn more here.

Patient ID wristbands: a simple solution to a complex problem

Where patient identification is concerned, barcode medical wristbands have become the standard means of preventing fatal patient ID errors in healthcare environments. Read our whitepaper here


Virtual presentation: the benefits of Zebra patient ID solutions

Zebra patient ID solutions help to protect and improve patient safety by greatly reducing the chances of medical ID errors. Our solutions also streamline workflows and reduce your costs. Our interactive animation shows to see how and where we help to achieve better levels of care in healthcare environments.  Watch animation here.

Making improvements in patient safety with healthcare technology

Watch this short video highlighting the changes facing healthcare, and the wide-ranging benefits medical ID barcoding technologies offer, improving patient safety, preventing medical errors, and giving the patient a virtual voice.


Gdansk University Health Centre & Centre for Invasive Medicine

The aim of the Gdansk University Health Centre (UCK) is to provide healthcare  services and promote good health. This includes using the latest medical technologies and treatment methods.  View




The General Ziętek Upper Silesian Rehabilitation Centre

The Polish Ministry of Health’s regulation of 20 September 2012 clearly states the obligation for ID wristbands to be worn by inpatients. The aim of introducing this was to speed up the identification process and ensure patients are identified correctly, thereby reducing the risk of error in the provision of any medical treatment.  View



Great Ormond Street Hospital

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust has implemented their printed wristband solution to comply with the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) Positive Patient Identification directive in the UK. View




Heartlands Hospital

In 2004/5 alone, the UK's NHS (National Health Service) faced over £400 million worth of clinical negligence claims. One of the key causes being patient misidentification. The National Patient Safety Agency states this causes 19% of all hospital errors. View



Prague General University Hospital

Zebra wristband solution increases patient safety and medicine administration at Prague General University Hospital. View




Barcode wristbands: Putting patient safety first

Patient safety is at the heart of quality healthcare. That’s why barcode wristbands should be at the heart of your patient safety goals, ensuring accurate patient identification and minimising the risks of medical errors. This white paper tells you all you need to know.




HC100™ Wristband Printer

Easily print wristbands with a wristband printer designed for healthcare and hospitality.  View




LaserBand®2 Advanced Wristbands for Adult patients

Adult wristbands need to cover a wide range of patients from young adults to the elderly and infirm. Zebra’s LaserBand products are specifi cally designed with these patients in mind. View




LaserBand®2 Advanced Wristbands for Paediatrics

Paediatric wristbands need to cover a wide range of patients from toddlers to teenagers. Zebra’s LaserBand products are specifi cally designed with these patients in mind. View




LaserBand®2 Advanced Wristbands for Babies and Maternity

Key requirements for these patients include; identifying the most tiny patients quickly and easily, providing a delicate, secure solution which is both practical and sensitive and ensuring precious newborns are correctly identifi ed with their parents.  View




Patient I.D. solutions

This all-in-one print solution combines the reliable HC100 direct thermal printer with easy-to-load cartridges containing the only antimicrobial-coated wristbands on the market—Zebra’s Z-Band® wristbands.  View




Z-Band® Wristbands

Zebra’s HC100™ allows you to print patient information and barcodes directly on Z-Band® direct thermal wristbands. View




Healthcare Zebra Printing Solutions

Scanning barcodes produced by reliable Zebra thermal printers and labels enables you to automatically verify and record medication dispensing.  View




LaserBand 2 Advanced Wristbands

Zebra’s self-laminating LaserBand 2 Advanced direct print laser wristbands feature an advanced shape and design. View




Retail pharmacy - Increase Efficiency and Accuracy with Medication and Prescription Labeling from Zebra

Barcodes give a virtual voice to your medications and prescriptions. The more medications are  marked with barcodes, the more effective your pharmacy workflows will be.  View



Thermal Bar Code Pharmacy Solutions Brochure

Zebra’s proven printer and media solutions are being used to improve safety, comfort and efficiency at every stage of a patient’s hospital journey. View