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Zebra GX420d desktop printer

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Printing a Configuration Label


Printing in Dispense Mode


Attaching the Power Supply

Loading Roll Media

Printer Cleaning

Cleaning the Printhead

Connecting the Interface

Replacing the Platen

Replacing the Printhead



  • ZebraDesigner driver 32/64 bit. Certified for Windows. (12/01/2016)


     Download 8 MB OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows XP, Windows 2003
  • ZebraDesigner driver 32/64 bit. Certified for Windows.

    Version (released September-2018)

     Download 12 MB OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2016, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, Windows Vista View release notes
  • Zebra Setup Utilities for Windows

    Version (released 28-Nov-2018) - this application includes the latest ZDesigner certified driver and is recommended for driver installation and printer configuration.

     Download 46 MB OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Server 2016, Windows 8.1, Windows 2008, Windows Vista View release notes
  • OPOS Driver

    For use in applications where an OPOS printer driver is needed to support Zebra printers.

    System Requirements:
    UPOS specification: v1.14
    .NET framework: 4.52
    Microsoft POS for .NET v1.14.

     Download 5 MB OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7


  • Information about CUPS Driver for non Kiosk printers

     Download 867 KB OPERATING SYSTEM: Unix & Mac OS, Linux


  • ZDownloader

    Firmware Download Utility (for use with Firmware, Special Firmware and Service Packs)

     Download 14 MB

Service Packs


  • Wired/Wireless Print Servers User Guide (en)


    Download 2 MB
  • GX420d GX430d Cutter Wireless Quick Start Guide

    P980604-014 Rev. A

    Download 3 MB
  • GX420d GX430d Wireless Quick Start Guide

    P980603-014 Rev. A

    Download 7 MB
  • GX420d and GX430d Cutter Quick Start Guide

    P980604-004 Rev. A

    Download 4 MB
  • GX420d and GX430d Quick Start Guide

    P980603-004 Rev. A

    Download 9 MB
  • GX420d / GX430d User Guide (en)

    980611-001 Rev. C

    Download 4 MB
  • GX420d™ / GX430d™ 桌面热能打印机 用户指南 (zhcn)


    Download 5 MB
  • GX420d™ / GX430d™ デスクトップ・サーマル・プリンタ (ja)

    980611-071 Rev. C

    Download 5 MB
  • ZebraNet Wireless Quick Start Guide (en)


    Download 1 MB
  • ZebraNet 10/100 Internal Print Server User Guide (en)

    Download 2 MB
  • ZebraDesigner Fonts and Graphics Downloader User Guide (en)


    Download 354 KB
  • ZebraDesigner and ZebraDesigner Pro User Guide (en)

    13857L-003 Rev. A

    Download 4 MB
  • Programming Guide for ZPL II, ZBI 2, Set-Get-Do, Mirror, WML (en)


    Download 10 MB
  • Enterprise Connector for Oracle BI Publisher (en)


    Download 3 MB

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