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QLn220 Healthcare Mobile Printer Support



Zebra is no longer offering this product for sale. The product resources are provided below for your use and convenience. Please note that Customer Support will not be available after the Service and Support Discontinuation date. If you require additional support, please contact a Zebra Authorized Service Provider.

Last Sale Date: 
QLn220 802.11b/g Option (“G” option): November 15, 2013
QLn Non-Mfi Models QNx-xxxxx0xx-00 and QNx-xxxxxExx-00: July 31, 2014
All other QLn220 and QLn320 Channel Models QNx-xxxxxxxx-00: May 31, 2019

Service and Support Discontinuation Date:
QLn220 802.11b/g Option (“G” option): December 13, 2018
QLn Non-Mfi Models QNx-xxxxx0xx-00 and QNx-xxxxxExx-00: October 31, 2019
All other QLn220 and QLn320 Models: August 30, 2024

QLN220 Healthcare Mobile Printer



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QLn220-HC How-to Videos.

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