Aerial view of Zebra employees holding a Zebra banner

At Zebra, we believe that our approximately 8,200 employees are our company’s greatest asset – and that success and a strong corporate culture go hand in hand. We’re a company built on great minds, with unique points of view that come together to build something remarkable. Zebra conducts annual training and certification as part of its commitment to investing in the development and evolution of its employees. As a company dependent on its ability to innovate and set the industry pace, not follow it, diversity is a key to our success and something Zebra takes very seriously.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is the written expression of Zebra’s commitment to integrity and helps us translate our Values into everyday actions. The Code covers a variety of areas including: Human Rights, Health and Safety, and policies related to Business Integrity.

Zebra employees

Our People Initiatives Include: