The Future of Healthcare


7 steps to enhancing patient care
How to set about integrating digital visibility solutions across your facilities


Healthcare professionals are constantly striving to deliver better patient care when faced with increased demand and tightening budgets.

Harnessing the potential of Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things (IoT); combining technologies such as barcoding, RFID mobile computing and WLAN; the future of technology in Healthcare goes beyond the EHR and gives patients and assets a digital footprint, enabling options to be assessed in real-time, leading to better-informed decisions and improved patient safety.

The Future of Healthcare Visibility

Which healthcare technologies improve the efficiency of medical information sharing, and ultimately the level of patient care delivered by medical facilities?

Healthcare Data Tracking Technology

How can smart technologies like the IoT, barcoding, wireless networking and RFID provide healthcare facilities with full traceability?

The Future of Healthcare Technology

We discuss how Zebra Technologies is providing end-to-end visibility for healthcare facilities, improving patient security.

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Putting the right applications in place creates solutions that can really make a difference to visibility in your hospital.

The challenges of modern day healthcare

Having operational visibility enables you to locate high-value assets, manage medical supplies and ensure safe and secure procedures.

Stop the press: We can save money and improve patient care

The IoT has the potential to achieve the seemingly impossible – saving money and improving patient care.

5 Steps to Electronic Health Records

Efficiency improvements to improve patient outcomes.

Zatar Written Case Study

Find out how IoT is saving lives in hospitals today.

Healthcare video

Track and trace - improving patient care.

Healthcare Product Brochure

Use our guide to identifying the right products for your needs.

Reducing medical error in blood collection

What are the main errors continually arising in the collection of blood samples? In this article we outline best practices for blood collection to help healthcare organisations improve and maintain patient safety levels.

Improving Patient Safety and Healthcare Sample Collection

Healthcare track and trace technology helps organisations to easily comply with national patient safety goals and eradicate medical error from the sample collection process.

Medical ID solutions

Medical ID solutions give healthcare staff the assurance they’re working with the right patient and the right medication at the right time.

Patient safety

Patient safety is the number one priority of quality healthcare, mobile printing at point-of-care has emerged as a simple, cost-effective means of ensuring correct patient identification.

Reducing sample errors

Tracking, Tracing and safeguarding with Zebra Technologies.