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GIS Asset Mapping

Pipeline lorry

Map Utilities Infrastructure Accurately with GIS

Electric, petrol, water and other energy utilities need mapping and geographic information systems (GIS) to plan infrastructure development prior to construction, as well as track existing infrastructure to provide reliable service, monitor assets and make repairs. With accurate GIS tools in-hand, dispatched workers can find exact locations of problem areas, and after repairs, mark exactly what happened and where. GIS also allows any new services to avoid other infrastructure, whether buried or overhead.

Zebra’s mobile computing solutions provide utilities companies, public works departments and government agencies with ruggedised, fully mobile devices with mapping and GIS capabilities to map, track and locate all infrastructure in detail, so workers can do their jobs right, and utilities customers can receive quality and consistent service.

Map Utilities Assets and Connect Workers

It’s critical for field teams to properly locate and monitor water and petrol pipelines, electric lines and other in-field network assets. Zebra devices provide the rugged and fully mobile tools needed for advanced GIS and real-time spatial analytics of in-field infrastructure. Zebra connects teams to share all data and inform effective decisions, coordinate operations and accelerate response times.

Implement Devices for Numerous Use Cases

Utilities are highly complex service providers with interconnected operations, and Zebra devices are designed to manage numerous network use cases. Devices can be interconnected to provide GIS capabilities such as mapping of service regions and facilities, field service management, outage and emergency response and more.

Rely Upon Rugged Mobile Devices In-Field

Zebra devices are ruggedised and fully mobile, so in-field utilities workers can depend upon them in the harshest of environmental conditions. Our hazardous location-certified devices keep your workers connected with long-life and hot-swappable batteries, and a purpose-built construction to be safe in explosive environments, high temperatures and water exposure.

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