R4M Plus Passive RFID Printer Support

This printer is discontinued. We may offer drivers, firmware, and manuals below for your convenience, as well as online tech support. If you require additional support, please contact a Zebra Authorised Service Provider.

Printer Discontinuation Date: November 30, 2008
Service & Support Discontinuation Date: November 30, 2011
Last Ship Date: November 30, 2008




rfid firmware

  • R4Mplus Reader Firmware

    20050321 - Only to be installed using Class 1 and Matrics 0+ tags Only to be installed using Class 1 and Metrics 0+ tags.

     Download 535 KB

Software & Utilities

  • Convert.zip

    A conversion utility for 16 BIT printers.

     Download 68 KB OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Ideal for use with Zebra Z90, Z92, Z93, Z95, Z105, Z130 printers. For ZPL printers only.
  • ZTools

    Download TrueType fonts to a memory location with this self-extracting version of ZTools™ V3.1 for Windows®.

     Download 804 KB


  • KDU Plus User's Manual (de)

    980548-031 Rev. A

    Download 5 MB
  • KDU Plus User's Manual (it)

    980548-051 Rev. A

    Download 5 MB
  • ZebraNet Wired and Wireless Print Server User Guide (he)


    Download 912 KB
  • KDU Plus User's Manual (es)

    980548-041 Rev. A

    Download 5 MB
  • ZebraNet® Guía de inicio rápido inalámbrico para las impresoras (es)


    Download 976 KB
  • Wired/Wireless Print Servers User Guide (en)


    Download 2 MB
  • KDU Plus User's Manual (pt)

    980548-091 Rev. A

    Download 5 MB
  • KDU Plus User's Manual (ja)

    980548-071 Rev. A

    Download 5 MB
  • Z4Mplus/Z6Mplus/R4Mplus クイック・リファレンス・ガイド (ja)


    Download 1 MB
  • ZebraNet® ワイヤレス・クイック・スタート・ガイド


    Download 987 KB
  • RFID Legacy Printer Programming Guide (en)


    Download 1 MB
  • KDU Plus User's Manual (en)

    980548-001 Rev. A

    Download 3 MB
  • R4Mplus Users Guide (en)

    21067L Rev. 2

    Download 4 MB
  • ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise User Guide


    Download 2 MB
  • Enterprise Connector for Oracle BI Publisher (en)


    Download 3 MB
  • ZebraDesigner™ for mySAP Business Suite Reference Guide (en)


    Download 1 MB
  • ZebraDesigner™ for mySAP Business Suite User Guide (en)

    Download 3 MB
  • ZebraDesigner and ZebraDesigner Pro User Guide (en)

    13857L-003 Rev. A

    Download 4 MB
  • ZebraDesigner Fonts and Graphics Downloader User Guide (en)


    Download 354 KB
  • ZebraDesigner™ for XML User Guide (en)


    Download 2 MB
  • Link-OS™ Addendum for Programming Guide (en)

    P1058886-001 Rev. A

    Download 526 KB
  • ZebraNet PrintServer II Users Guide (en)


    Download 2 MB
  • ZebraNet Wireless User Guide - with printer firmware versions X.15.x or Later (en)

    Download 1 MB
  • ZebraNet Wireless Quick Start Guide (en)


    Download 1 MB
  • KDU Plus User's Manual (fr)


    Download 5 MB
  • Z4Mplus/Z6Mplus/R4Mplus Quick Reference Guide (zhtw)

    14022L-262 Rev. A

    Download 1 MB
  • KDU Plus User's Manual (zhtw)

    980548-261 Rev. A

    Download 5 MB
  • Zebra® KDU Plus™ 用户手册 (zhcn)


    Download 5 MB


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