VisibilityIQ OneCare Dashboard

Repair tracking. Technical support. Asset tracking. Operational insights. Security and device updates. Now there's a single, configurable, web-based tool for Zebra services information. The VisibilityIQ OneCare Dashboard provides critical operational information to give you insight into key repair KPIs, service levels and repair service performance.

Dashboard Features
  • Customizable Dashboard Home Screen: Tailor your dashboard with the reports that matter most to you, so key performance areas display at the forefront when you log in
  • Modular Reporting Tiles with Colour-Coded Status Indicators: Each report displays as a small rectangular ‘tile’ on your home screen providing a quick snapshot view of key metrics with visual status cues in red, yellow, and green
  • Intuitive Navigation: Click on any report tile on your dashboard to display comprehensive report information. Access additional, non-tile reports using the menu on the left
  • Custom Report Views and Filters: Filters vary by report and data can be selected using an expanded assortment of preset date ranges and a simplified custom date range picker
Available Reports

Eight reports Eight reports provide key data, as well as graphical displays for quick insight into status and trend patterns (click on arrows to see each report summary):

  • Repair Lifecycle* report displays repair information including open orders, devices Zebra is expecting to receive for repair, and repair status for in-repair, repaired, and shipped devices.

  • Case Lifecycle report provides a comprehensive view of total open cases with ageing views grouped by 0-29 days, 30-89 days, 90+ days. An alert notifies of cases open for more than 30 days.
  • Contracts report provides status of onboarded contracts and serial number entitlement information. Includes expiration summary information outlining the number of contacts expiring within 90 days, 91-179 days, and 180+ days.

  • LifeGuard Analytics report identifies devices for which operating system and security updates are recommended.
  • Repair Return Rate* report shows the number of devices returned for repair, and categorises those repairs into physical damage, NTF, and failures. It tracks the no trouble found (NTF) rates by product model over 12 months. The report alerts when the NTF rate for any product model exceeds 5% in a calendar quarter.

  • Repair Repeat Rate* report provides trending information for repaired devices that have been returned to Zebra’s Repair Depots within 30 days of previous repair. Includes percentages for both repeat gross (failure & NTF) and repeat net (failure only).

  • On Time Delivery (OTD)* report shows trend information for repaired or replaced devices were shipped on-time to the customer.

  • Top Repair Metrics* report provides graphical ranking of top: sites, problems, faults, faults on damage units, repeat problems, and repeat faults.

  • *Repair reports are not applicable or available for Zebra OneCare™ TSS Contracts.


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A VisibilityIQ OneCare Dashboard is available to all customers who have a valid Zebra OneCare support agreement (TSS, Essential, Select, or SV for TC2X) for mobile computers or scanners.

Please note that the VisibilityIQ OneCare Dashboard may not be available in all regions. Contact your Zebra services representative to confirm availability in your region. Please allow up to four weeks for setup. 


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