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Workcloud Task Management

Workcloud Task Management, formerly Reflexis Task Management, can help you improve sales by 1–3% when you simplify execution and communication with software solutions that automatically prioritize and allocate tasks to on-site employees.

Accelerate Task Execution, Elevate Operations

Increase Team Efficiency
Increase Team Efficiency

Respond to real-time Information and enable store associates to be in the right place at the right time to tackle the most impactful in-store tasks.

Streamline Execution
Streamline Execution

Prioritize and assign all corporate-generated, system-generated and device-generated tasks in real time with an advanced rules engine.

Improve Line-of-Sight
Improve Line-of-Sight

Give corporate and field managers real-time visibility into the activities happening across all your stores, enabling them to manage by exception.

Modernise Branch Operations
Modernise Branch Operations

Streamline task assginments and execution across your entire branch network with mobile-first, easy-to-use solutions.

Standardise Branch Inspections
Standardise Branch Inspections

Create uniform processes to better understand performance and improvements over time and easily compare results against other branches.

Pursue Profitable Activities
Pursue Profitable Activities

Prioritize operational tasks so branch staff can focus on customers and activities that generate revenue.

Increase Productivity
Increase Productivity

Provide associates with software solutions that put the right information at their fingertips so they can stay focused on the most important activities.

Increase Productivity
Increase Productivity

Automate task assignments to keep workloads balanced and fair, employees happy and engaged and task completion rates high.

Streamline Execution Across Locations
Streamline Execution Across Locations

Simplify daily task execution to provide guests with a consistent, engaging experience no matter where they are.

Empower Teams. Satisfy Customers.


Modern Features Meet Proven Functionality

Workcloud Task Management​ streamlines execution and simplifies work to empower and engage your front-line teams.

  • Improve Workload Distribution

    Automate task assignment with equitable distribution to keep workloads fair and reduce overtime spend.

  • Automate Role-Based Assignments

    Automatically push the right assignment to the right associate, aligning skills, availability and preference.

  • Simplify Task Prioritization and Completion Tracking

    Front-line staff can quickly scan the day’s activities so they know what to tackle first. Managers have immediate insight into what tasks are completed, when and by whom.

  • Optimise Store Operations

    Enable management by exception with actionable insights that provide best next steps.

  • Leverage a User-Friendly UX

    Meet the expectations of your workforce with a modern UI that includes personalization options such as pin control for important task assignments.

  • Improve Accuracy with a Mobile First Solution

    Put all the apps associates need on one hand-held device so they can be where they need to be and do what they need to do, faster and with more accuracy.


Streamline and Modernise On-Site Audits

Workcloud Walk ensures compliance by streamlining your on-site audits and inspections with real-time notifications, driving best-practice corrective actions.

  • Reduce On-Site Audit Inefficiencies

    Enable field managers to conduct site reviews from a mobile device, improving visibility and ensuring all brick-and-mortar locations are safe, legal and compliant.

  • Ensure Consistency and Standardise Processes

    Create standardized question sets and surveys for all topics and functions, from cleanliness to loss prevention, ensuring consistency across locations.

  • Improve Response Times to Issues

    Respond quickly to resolve issues identified during on-site audits with intelligent alerts that automatically generate corrective tasks.

  • Prioritise Specific Locations

    View intelligent location-specific reports and drill down as needed to compare performance to corporate expectations and peer locations.


Prioritise Checklists and Streamline Processes

Workcloud Check enables you to quickly create, review and distribute organised and prioritised checklists for consistent execution of routine activities.

  • Improve Task Execution Consistency

    Replace paper checklists with a mobile-first interface that enables you to create, edit and share checklists for multi-step and repetitive activities. View by priority and easily complete checklists relevant to each role.

  • Promote Compliance

    Create checklists for location openings, safety processes, common tasks and more for a safe, welcoming environment for both associates and customers.

  • Drive Real-Time Visibility

    Real-time, mobile access allows your front-line staff to easily complete routine multi-step activities on time and according to best practices.

  • View Completion Rates Instantly

    Digital records give on-site, field and corporate managers visibility into completion rates with real-time notifications at each step so they can manage by exception.

  • Leverage Analytics to Drive Improvements

    Easily create reports to understand trends and patterns in checklist completion and compliance. Measure performance, create audit trails and identify patterns to drive intelligent improvements.


Simplify Your Real-time Communication Strategy

Workcloud Comm enables intelligent, real-time messaging at every level of your organization with both peer-to-peer instant messaging and corporate-to-field communications.

  • Communicate Faster and More Effectively

    Eliminate confusion and communicate effectively to your front-line locations using a solution that’s fast to deploy and easy to access.

  • Reach the Right People at the Right Time

    Precise targeting by role, hierarchy or location means your messages get to the right individuals or teams at the right time, ensuring fast, appropriate action.

  • Manage by Exception

    Advanced analytics and reporting allow you to track message read and response rates and more to uncover real-time trends and manage by exception. The application provides fast search functionality for quick answers to questions.

  • Optimise Communications

    Implement geo-fencing, message filters and more on a single, integrated communication tool, saving time and staying compliant by reaching the right team member, every time.


Secure and Centralised Document Storage

Workcloud Docs streamlines document management and access control, giving you the ability to create, store, search and access all corporate documents from a user-friendly interface.

  • Consolidate and Simplify Documentation

    Access and archive documents with version control and hierarchical permissions, enabling corporate stakeholders to add, update and share documents in real time.

  • Intelligently Categorise, Organise and Share

    Intelligently organize and distribute documents, setting permissions and visibility by category, role, location and more. Ensure everyone can easily access current documents relevant to their role.

  • Enhance Reporting with Advanced Analytics

    Easily create custom reports to quantify a range of metrics, such as document usage by associate, department or location, and even access audit trails to restore previous versions.


Optimise and Elevate Form Completion Procedures

Workcloud Forms enables your front-line teams to quickly create, complete and escalate all digital forms used by your organization, saving time and eliminating the inefficiencies caused by paper-based forms.

  • Simplify Form Creation

    Streamline the process of creating and sharing new forms with robust version control functionality, ensuring everyone has the most up-to-date digital forms and information.

  • Escalate Forms in Real Time

    Define the process that begins when a form is completed and configure workflows that direct forms automatically to the right person to resolve front-line issues quickly and effectively.

  • Access and Audit Form Histories

    Archive forms on a cloud database, making it easier to track and audit the review process. Identify recurring issues and implement best practice responses to correct them.

  • Communicate Clearly On-Site

    Leverage digital forms to establish a reliable and secure method for all on-site communications, from safety incidents and maintenance requests to employee onboarding and more.

  • Switch Maintenance Vendors with Ease

    Remove the need for front-line locations to use paper forms or instructions when you switch maintenance vendors. Let the system manage and store all your digital forms with routing and escalation.


Expand Visual Project Collaboration

Workcloud Visual enables consistent two-way communication and collaboration on visual projects. From store sets and window displays to endcaps and new signage, quickly execute and validate projects with the help of automated comparisons.

  • Ensure Consistency Across Locations

    Execute display plans flawlessly by ensuring relevant merchandising projects are sent to the right location, driving sales and creating a consistent brand experience for customers.

  • Collaborate Creatively and Drive Improvement

    Design, communicate and execute visual merchandising projects on a single platform with a closed feedback loop, enabling easier collaboration between corporate and field teams.

  • Communicate Clearly to On-Site Managers

    Send merchandising sets en masse with step-by-step directions, due dates and prioritization to applicable stores, ensuring on-site managers receive only relevant information.

  • Execute Effectively

    Grant on-site managers easy access to all upcoming visual projects so they can assign them to associates with clear visibility into priority and completion.

  • Validate Projects in Real Time

    Enable on-site teams to photograph final displays and submit completed projects for review, all from their mobile devices.

[The Real-Time] Task Manager simplifies the life of store managers. They’re able to focus on the most important things that provide our guests the best service.

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Recognizing Zebra

Partner with an industry leader with more than 50 years of field-proven expertise

2023 RIS Software LeaderBoard
2023 RIS Software LeaderBoard

Zebra was voted a top software vendor across 24 categories. Additionally, Zebra moved up one spot from last year to sixth best overall in the prestigious Top 20 category, marking its fourth consecutive year in the Top 10.

Nucleus Research's 2023 Workforce Management (WFM) Technology Value Matrix
Nucleus Research's 2023 Workforce Management (WFM) Technology Value Matrix

For the fifth consecutive row, Zebra Technologies is named a Leader in Nucleus Research's WFM Technology Value Matrix for helping retailers meet employee and customer needs and streamline task execution.

Empower Associate Performance, All in One Place

Overhaul your performance and maximise your workforce potential with integrated solutions.

Workcloud Workforce Scheduling
Workcloud Workforce Scheduling

Use intelligent analytics to forecast and schedule your workforce, balancing demand, availability, costs and compliance.

Workcloud Communication
Workcloud Communication

Empower employees to get immediate answers, solve customer problems and do more with less on a suite of essential communication and collaboration tools including push to talk, voice, analytics and more—all stored on one device.

Workcloud Actionable Intelligence
Workcloud Actionable Intelligence

Uncover cost-savings opportunities from your data and send course-corrective actions to your front line to recover more losses and seize more sales.

Zebra Tablets
Zebra Tablets

Work your way with purpose-built and tailored tablets that feature far-reaching wireless capabilities, flexible add-on features and a highly secure, fully configurable operating system built to work on Android or Windows 10 devices.


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