Workforce Connect: Enterprise Messaging

Text messaging service built for business

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The text messaging service built for business.

Included in Workforce Connect PTT Pro, Enterprise Messaging gives workers an easy, secure and flexible way to send and receive text messages over any Wi-Fi or cellular network when voice is not an option. Workforce Connect Enterprise Messaging offers. 


The enterprise features you need

  • Enterprise-class security

    Unlike texting over the public cellular network, with Enterprise Messaging, your messages are secure — critical for businesses that are bound by stringent laws that protect customer information, such as healthcare and payment card data. 

  • Comprehensive secure text messaging features

    Send a text to any individual user or pre-defined group; create and save groups on-the-fly; create pre-configured messages for single-tap responses when workers are busy; send image and more.

  • Enterprise presence

    Powerful presence information allows users to determine ahead of time if the person they need to reach is available to answer, providing the visibility required to better control the workflow — and obtain timely responses in urgent situations. Users can see if workers are online or on a PBX call, where text messages will be received with an audible alert — or in Do Not Disturb mode or not logged on, where messages will be received without an audible alert.   

Enjoy Secure Text Messaging

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