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無料のPCベースのZBI Developerプログラミングユーティリティは、プログラマによる複雑なZBI 2プログラムの作成とテスト、およびプリンタに振り分ける作業を劇的に簡単にします。ZBI DeveloperとZebraのZBI 2.0プログラミング言語(Zebra Basic Interpreter)を一緒に使うことで、Zebraプリンタをカスタマイズする強力で柔軟なツールセットが完成します。内蔵の「仮想プリンタ」が、プログラムの迅速な作成、テスト、使用準備を可能にいsます。


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ZBI Developerホワイトペーパー

  • ZebraLink™ Solutions for Enhancing Zebra® Printer Business Integration

    This white paper introduces the ZebraLink software, firmware, and connectivity components, and shows how to maximize performance and value from Zebra printers.

    Download 403 KB
  • How Printing from iPad® Enhances the Shopping Experience

    This white paper provides an overview of iPad-based retail self-service kiosk and mobile printing applications, and shows the significant benefits the technology delivers. The paper also discusses how retailers can use the ZebraLink™ Multiplatform Software Development Kit (SDK) to create applications that can print coupons, receipts, gift registry lists, and more from the iPad and other smartphone platforms.

    Download 1 MB
  • Overcoming Printer Control Language Incompatibility for Bar Code Label Printing

    This white paper explains an innovation by Zebra Technologies that in many cases enables its bar code printers to be integrated into legacy print systems that support other brands, without requiring extensive system changes or label format redevelopment that traditionally occurs when new bar code printer brands are integrated.

    Download 340 KB
  • Extending Zebra Printer Capabilities with ZBI 2.0 Programming

    Zebra Basic Interpreter (ZBI) 2.0 is an optional programming environment that can be used to add features to customize and enhance the performance of select Zebra Technologies printers. This white paper provides an overview of ZBI 2.0 capabilities, requirements, use cases and benefits.

    Download 249 KB