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Bulk Upload

Click on BULK LOAD in ADD PRODUCTS page.

Bulk Upload Screenshot 1

Download and open the bulk load template.

Bulk Upload Screenshot 2

Enable Macros.
Fill in the template.
TIP: Problem Category and Problem Details must be selected from a drop-down menu.


CSV file was generated and saved in the same location as the bulk load template.
Navigate back to the portal. Click on 2. UPLOAD CSV FILE.

Bulk Upload Screenshot 3

Choose File to upload.

TIP: The csv file is saved with the time stamp in the same location as the bulk load template.

Bulk Upload Screenshot 4

Click on IMPORT.

Bulk Upload Screenshot 5

Review the units. You can add or remove lines manually

Bulk Upload Screenshot 6


Bulk Upload Screenshot 7

You will be navigated back to the REPAIR ORDERS tab and notified by email about the bulk load completion.

Bulk Upload Screenshot 8

Observe Bulk Load Status and Number Of Lines fields.

To see the actual status, you need to click on REFRESH button.

Bulk Upload Screenshot 9

Click on Bulk Load Status to be navigated to the correct screen. 

TIP: If the status is Completed, you will be taken to the review cart screen to proceed with the order.

If the status is Completed with Errors, you will be taken to the bulk load screen to resolve the errors.

Bulk Upload Screenshot 10

Edit or dispute the units if necessary.

Bulk Upload Screenshot 11

Proceed with submission of the cart.