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Generate a Shipping Label

Scheduling a Pickup or Collection can be done from: ​ 

  1. Order confirmation page​
  2. Repair Status page​

Click on GENERATE SHIPPING LABEL from Order Confirmation page.

Search for the order on Repair Status page.

Click on the Order Number.


Scheduling collection.

Select SHIPPING CONTACT and/or SENDER ADDRESS, if necessary.



In case your company has regular scheduled pick up with the shipping carrier, you do not need to schedule the pick up. However, you still need to generate the label.

In case your company does not have that, you need to schedule the pick up and follow the further steps.

Select the Desired Pickup Date.

In case you selected today’s date, there is no need to fill in Your Company’s Starting Time.

In case you selected any other day, you need to select Your Company’s Starting Time.

Select Your Company’s Closing Time.

Select Desired Pickup Time.

Fill in Special Instructions, if necessary.

Fill in No. of Packages To Be Picked Up.

Number of packages cannot be higher than number of units in the order.

Click Submit.

The collection has been scheduled, and the label was generated.