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Matrox Imaging Integration Information

On Monday, October 16, Zebra is making changes that impact how Matrox Imaging products are ordered, fulfilled, invoiced, and repaired. Please note, these changes only apply to Matrox Imaging products.

The changes we are making will allow us to integrate the Matrox Imaging business into Zebra’s existing processes and systems. Please access the Guide to Doing Business with Zebra Technologies for Matrox Imaging Products for detailed information about the changes summarized below. 

We appreciate your attention to these important changes. If you have any questions about these changes and how you are impacted, please contact your Zebra Sales Representative or send an email to

Please review the following information, which provides a summary of the upcoming changes. For more detailed information about these changes, access the Guide referenced above. 

Effective Monday, October 16, 2023, all new orders for Matrox Imaging products (hardware, software, and repair and software maintenance agreements) will be transacted through Zebra and no longer with Matrox. You will receive the Zebra Terms and Conditions of sale of products or services (as applicable) with your order acknowledgement(s) and such terms will govern your purchases of Matrox Imaging products.

  • This change means that you will have a new way to submit your orders for Matrox Imaging products.
  • For ordering, you will
    1. Submit your order by email to Zebra’s Order Experience Team, a team made up of regional order experience representatives. The new email addresses will be provided to you in September.

Please note, if you have access to the Matrox Software Licensing Portal to place orders for software run-time license(s) activation keys, you will need to begin submitting your orders by email. The Matrox Software Licensing Portal will no longer be accessible beginning Monday, October 16.

  • Orders for software run-time license activation keys must include the lock code, as Zebra is not able to book an order without a lock code. When submitting your order by email, if you do not provide the lock code, the Order Experience Team will not be able to process your order.
  • A mix of Industrial Automation (IA) products, which includes Matrox Imaging, Zebra’s FIS/MV products, and Adaptive Vision (hardware, software, and services) can be on the same order, with the exception of Matrox Imaging software run-time license activation keys that are missing a lock code.
  • You may order IA products and other Zebra products (printers, supplies, or mobile computers, etc.) together on the same order, if you are eligible to purchase other Zebra products direct from Zebra.
  • To ensure a smooth transition, your current order support team will provide support to the Order Experience Team for a period of time.
  • Purchase orders (POs) must meet Zebra’s Bookable Order Criteria (BOC). Click the following links to see what information you need to include on your purchase orders for each type of order: Hardware Order BOC; Software Order BOC, and Maintenance Agreement (Service Contract) BOC.
  • Should you need to request a change order, or have other order related inquiries, you will contact Zebra’s Order Experience Team. Contact emails for the Order Experience Team will be provided in September.

Effective Monday, October 16, 2023, new orders for Matrox Imaging products will be fulfilled from Zebra’s applicable regional Distribution Centers located in Kenosha, Wisconsin (U.S.A.); Heerenveen, Netherlands; and Singapore. See below for the location information for each Distribution Center.

  • Shipping terms for your shipments will be changed to align with Zebra’s shipping terms in your region and will be either ExWorks or FCA (INCOTERMS 2020). As a general rule  Zebra’s shipping terms in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region is ExWorks or FCA Shipping Point (INCOTRMS 2020), in North America and Latin America (NALA) and in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) regions, is FCA (INCOTERMS 2020).
  • Freight Payment method for your shipments will change to either Prepaid, Prepay and Add, Third Party Billing, or Collect. As a general rule, customers in the APAC region will be assigned collect freight terms, customers in NALA may be prepaid, prepay and add, third party billing, or collect, and customers in EMEA who are located in the European Economic Area are typically assigned prepay and add, and customers in EMEA who are not located the European Economic Area, are typically assigned collect. If your payment method will be collect, you will be contacted in the coming weeks to provide your preferred Carrier and account information.
  • Your Incoterms and freight terms are outlined on the order acknowledgement document, which is sent by email after your order has been entered into Zebra systems.
  • Please note, orders that you place with Matrox up until close of business, Friday, October 13, 2023 will continue to be processed, fulfilled, and invoiced by Matrox. The changes outlined in this communication will not apply to such orders.  

Zebra’s Regional Distribution Center Information

Please note, it was previously communicated that the Zebra Distribution Center (DC) in Shanghai, China would fulfill orders for Matrox Imaging products for customers located in Mainland China.

Beginning, Monday, October 16, for new orders, the Zebra DC in Singapore will fulfill orders for Matrox Imaging products for all customers located in the Asia Pacific Region. The Zebra DC in Shanghai, China will not be used to fulfill orders for Matrox Imaging products. 

Order Ship-To Location

Orders Fulfilled from Zebra's Distribution Center

Zebra Distribution Center Address

North AmericaKenosha, Wisconsin, United StatesZebra Technologies International, LLC
Bristol Business Park 10375 140th Ave Suite B Kenosha, WI 53142
Latin America
Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)Heerenveen, NetherlandsZebra Technologies BV
Mercurius 12 8448 GX Heerenveen
The Netherlands
Asia Pacific RegionSingaporeZebra Technologies Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
C/O DSV Solutions Pte. Ltd .
No 5 Changi North Way, Level 4 Warehouse Singapore, 498771

Effective Monday, October 16, 2023, you will be invoiced for new orders from the Zebra Legal Entity in your region and no longer from Matrox.

  • In addition to the legal entity change from Matrox to Zebra, you will also have new remit-to address information for your invoice payments.
  • Zebra has reviewed your account and if you did not previously do business with Zebra, your payment terms and credit limits have been reviewed and may have been updated to Zebra’s standard. You will be contacted if your payment terms are different from current payment terms.
  • You will do business with Zebra in the currency in which Matrox invoices you today, unless you are a Canadian customer that transacts with Matrox in Canadian Dollars (CAD) or an Australia or New Zealand customer that transacts with Matrox in U.S. Dollars (USD). In these scenarios, you will be contacted regarding this change.
  • Please note, you will continue to be invoiced by Matrox for orders fulfilled by Matrox. For a period of time, you may receive invoices from both Matrox and Zebra Technologies, depending on the date on which your order was placed.

Action Required! You may need to update your systems with the new Zebra Technology legal entity and remit-to address information to ensure you are able to pay your invoices in a timely manner. Please click the appropriate link below to view the legal entity and remit-to address information for your region (domiciled location).

Effective Monday, October 16, 2023, you will have a new way to request repairs for malfunctioning product(s) and new in-region locations where you will send your malfunctioning product.

  • Requests for repair should be submitted using Zebra’s Repair Order Portal (ROP), our online repair request system.
  • Once you have submitted your repair request, you will send your malfunctioning product(s) to an in-region Zebra facility, where the repair will be processed and sent onto Matrox for repair.
  • The location where you will send your malfunctioning product(s) is outlined on the repair acknowledgement/shipping manifest document, which is sent by email after your repair request has been processed.
  • Upon repair completion, your repaired product will be returned to you from the in-region Zebra facility.
  • Please continue to follow current process for repairs until the close of business, Friday, October 13. Beginning Monday, October 16, the new repair processes outlined in this section will be effective. Any repairs requested through Matrox will be completed by Matrox and sent back to you. 

  • Please continue to submit orders as you do today until the close of business, Friday, October 13. Beginning Monday, October 16, the new ordering processes will be effective.
  • Orders in Matrox systems that are not expected to be fulfilled by December 31, 2023 will be converted to Zebra orders and will be fulfilled by Zebra. If you have such open orders, you will be contacted by Zebra’s Order Experience Team regarding the order conversion and required actions that need to be taken.