Reopening of Operations at Zebra’s Repair Center in South Africa for Customers with Certification from the government of South Africa.

In accordance with recently updated government coronavirus directives, Zebra’s Repair Center in South Africa has now resumed repair operations for customers who have received appropriate certification from the government of South Africa. As a result, for those customers, Zebra can receive, repair, and ship customer devices from our repair location in South Africa. Please visit the Zebra Coronavirus Temporary Depot Closure page for more information.

Reminder for EMEA customers:

To ensure your devices are sent to the correct location for repair, always use
the shipping label and shipping instructions provided to you with each repair authorization.

Repair locations may vary by device type or for other reasons. Shipments sent to an address other than the
one provided may be returned to the sender. Please visit Ship-to Address page for more information.

Use the Repair Order Portal to submit repair return requests for all Zebra devices: printers, mobile computers, scanners and more. It's easy, convenient, fast, and accurate!

Note: The Repair Order Portal is not yet available in Turkey for printer repairs.

Need an account?

One-time registration is required for the Portal, even if you are set up for other Zebra sites. A temporary password will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Mobile Computers and Scanners

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Customs Invoice Requirements

To reduce potential importation delays, please ensure your Customs Invoice always includes the following required information (in addition to the required company and shipment information you already provide):

  • Product Part Number or Serial Number
  • Country of Origin (COO) where the product was manufactured
  • Product’s Fair Market Value (FMV) in U.S. dollars (USD)
  • Repair Authorization Number 
  • The International Commercial (INCO) Terms value of DAP Sękocin Stary
Zebra provides the following customs invoice template for Customers who are required to prepare a customs invoice for importation when returning a device for repair. 
Customs Value Calculation Tool

When a customs invoice is required for importation, please use the Custom Value Calculation Tool to calculate the value of the Zebra product in U.S. Dollars. Simply provide a few key pieces of information and the excel-based tool will provide the accurate value of the Zebra product, which when referenced on the customs invoice, may reduce potential importation delays.

Please download the tool prior to each use, as Zebra continuously makes improvements.

Instructions for Locating the Zebra Product Part Number
  • The Zebra product part number can be found on the product label, near the serial number. See sample label pictured below.
  • The product part number can also be found on the Shipping Manifest PDF document that is attached to the repair authorization order confirmation email. View the Product/Model # field on the Shipping Manifest to locate the product part number.  See sample shipping manifest pictured below.
  • You may also look-up the product part number by conducting a serial number search using the Warranty and Zebra OneCare Service Agreement check.
Locating Information on the Product Label

The country of origin, product part number, and serial number can be located on the Zebra product label. Please check your device for a label similar to the one pictured below.


The shipping manifest is a PDF document (example pictured below) that is attached to the repair authorization order confirmation email.

  • View the Product/Model # field to locate the product part number. 

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