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Save Time and Money with Zebra's Prepaid Shipping Label

For partners and customers in qualifying countries who use the online Repair Order Portal to request repairs for devices covered by a Zebra OneCare contract, Zebra is offering a free, prepaid, inbound shipping label to cover the cost of returning the device to Zebra’s repair center using ground delivery service by Zebra’s preferred carrier. Benefits of using the Portal include:

  • Significant shipping cost savings
  • A quick and convenient way to generate shipping labels
  • In most cases, immediate authorization for your returns
  • Visibility to the status of your returns throughout the repair process

In addition, using the Portal ensures our repair centers have all the information they need to avoid repair delays.

Who Qualifies for the Offering?

Distributors, partners, and customers who use the Repair Order Portal to submit repair orders for products covered by a Zebra OneCare service contract.

Which Products Qualify for the Offering?

  • Mobile computers and scanners covered by a Zebra OneCare Essential, Select or SV agreement
  • Printers covered by a Zebra OneCare Select agreement
  • For a limited time, printers covered by a Zebra OneCare Essential and SV agreement

Where is the Offering Available?

The prepaid shipping label offering is currently available only for U.S. and Canadian customers. We continue to examine ways to expand the offer to additional countries, and will announce extensions as they become available.

How It Works

1. Register. If you have not already signed up to use the Repair Order Portal, use the simple sign-up process for each individual user who will be submitting repair return authorization requests. Follow the easy instructions under the “Need an Account?” heading on the Request a Repair page of One-time registration is required to use the Repair Order Portal, even for users who are set up for other Zebra sites and tools. A temporary password will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

2. Learn. If you already use the Portal, simply familiarize yourself with the new offering by reading the Prepaid Shipping Label job aid. For new Portal users, there are multiple helpful learning options on our Resources and Training page, including user guides, training demonstrations, and a schedule of live training and Q&A sessions.  

3. Use, Ship, Save.  Log into the Portal to submit your repair request(s). On the “Order Confirmation” page you will be prompted with a selection button to “Generate Shipping Label”. Fill in your contact information (if different from the defaults provided) and the number of separate packages to be picked up (this will be the number of labels created), then select “Submit”.

4. Get Assistance. Should you need assistance, we are here to help. Many frequently asked questions are answered in the Prepaid Shipping Label FAQs, as well as on the Portal’s Resources and Training page.

For more complex issues or when you just need to talk to a human being, our Zebra Repair Order Help Desk Representatives are happy to assist you. Choose the best phone number for you from a list of region- and country-specific options on our Contact Support page. For help with the Portal, U.S. and Canada customers should call 800 653 5350. Then, for account and login issues, select Portal Support (Option 4) from the phone menu; for help placing repair orders and obtaining status updates, select Hardware Repairs (Option 2).

A Note about Labels and Depots

Please pay close attention to the addresses on each return label. Zebra has multiple repair centers specializing in different devices, and we are in the process of changing repair locations for many U.S. customers. Consequently, you may need to send devices to an address that is different from the one you are familiar with – and if you are returning multiple devices, they may need to be returned to different locations for repair.

Devices destined for the same location may be shipped as a single package using one of the provided labels.


Only those repairs submitted using the Repair Order Portal qualify for this offering, not those submitted by email, online Repair Request Form, phone, or other means. Also, while shipping labels are available from the Portal for warranty and time-and-materials (per incident) repairs not covered by a OneCare contract, these orders do not qualify for the prepaid shipping offering.

Carrier Service

Zebra has selected FedEx as its preferred shipping partner for the United States; as the offering is extended to customers in additional countries, the specific carrier for those regions will be communicated at that time. Customers may, of course, elect to ship a return using a different carrier, but this choice will not qualify for prepaid shipping by Zebra.

Also, please note that Zebra’s offering is for ground service; if you require expedited service, you will need to contact your preferred carrier and arrange for an overnight/express shipment to the address on the Zebra-provided label.

If you do not already have regular FedEx pickup service, and wish to take advantage of the prepaid shipping label, you will need to drop off your repair shipment at a FedEx location or arrange separately for pickup, which may involve additional expense for your company.


The design, technical, and cost information (“Information”) furnished in this submission is confidential proprietary information of Zebra Technologies International, LLC. Such Information is submitted with the restriction that it is to be used for evaluation purposes only, and is not to be disclosed publicly or in any manner to anyone other than those required to evaluate the Information, without the express written permission of Zebra Technologies International, LLC. The Information provided in this submission is for information and budgetary purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell or license any products or services.  This submission is not binding on Zebra Technologies International, LLC and Zebra Technologies International LLC is making no representations, warranties, or commitments with respect to pricing, products, payment terms, credit or terms and conditions.