Three Creative Ways to Show Off Your Craft (and Your Business) During Crafting Month

Draw deeper connections with customers through inspiring content


As a business owner, you’ve found something you’re good at – your niche. Maybe you own a jewelry shop and specialize in handmade clay pieces. Maybe you’re a pet boutique owner, crafting well-made, durable collars and outerwear for our furry friends. Or maybe you’re a craft kombucha brewer. Whatever your passion may be, you’ve discovered a way to bring your creativity to life.

March is National Crafting Month, dedicated to helping everyone find their hidden creativity and talent. Some will spend this time searching for new outlets for their artistic passion. Others will use it as a risk-free opportunity to try something new.

We think it’s the perfect opportunity for you to show off your craft and inspire others. Here are a few ways you can do that:  

  1. 1. Record a Time-Lapse Video

    A cool way to show off some of your work and what goes into it is by recording a time-lapse video, which is a collection of images taken every few seconds that, when put together, shows a sped-up version of your day. You could show off the process of putting pieces together or even creating some of the materials. This would give customers a never-before-seen view of your work and possibly inspire them to try their hand at a new craft – or yours!

  1. 2. Host Workshops

    What better way to share your passion with others than by showing them how to do it? A fun way to engage your community and customers is to bring them into your shop – either in person or virtually – to show them how pieces are created. You could even make it interactive and have them make a few pieces on their own—with your help of course. This may motivate them to try more DIY things at home and, of course, brings potential customers into your shop to see your goods (and hopefully take a few home). It’s a win-win.

  1. 3. Share Your Journey

    How did you get into your craft? What inspired you to begin? What did some of your first creations look like and what have your learned since? Sharing content that is personal and authentic inspires others to have the courage to pursue their own dreams and helps them develop a stronger connection to your brand. Try sharing some old photos and relatable stories on social media to see how your audience responds!

Feeling inspired to share? These are just some of the ways you can pass along the love of your craft and begin building deeper relationships and connections with those who support it. And who knows? Maybe you will have inspired someone to begin a lifelong passion or small business.


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