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Total Visibility in Sports

Building on the company’s rich foundation, Zebra has boldly challenged the status quo in sports by introducing patented RFID technology to deliver a paradigm-shifting, player tracking system in professional sports. Zebra Sports Solutions enable a trove of data for real-time insight. As its full spectrum of capabilities continues to be leveraged across multiple sports properties, its impact will be significant. New player tracking insights will change how fans relate to sports through cross-channel engagement and forever transform coaching and player personnel evaluations.

Athlete Performance

Zebra Sports is revolutionizing how scouts, coaches and trainers evaluate players. This solution allows trainers to keep athletes at peak performance by developing bespoke training plans based on individual metrics and fatigue thresholds. The proprietary software further enables NFL coaches to sync with official Game Day data and integrate it to quickly optimize training.

Coaching and Training

Zebra's solution enables a consistent, data-forward analysis method, allowing coaches to strategize in-game and in-practice using real-time data to adapt and be endlessly nimble in play-calling. Whether assessing route running patterns, evaluating grouping and formation, analyzing the separation distances on pass coverage or assessing quarterback pressure, there are limitless, highly customizable applications.

Fan Enhancement

This proprietary real-time player tracking solution enhances fan viewing through television broadcasts, mobile engagement and in-stadium, enabling fans to view never-before-seen real-time player data and compelling new performance insights. This has made for a more immersive viewing experiencing, increasing fan attentiveness, connectivity and the understanding fans have of players, teams and on-field strategy.

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Partners In Innovation

As "The Official On-Field Player Tracking Provider" of the NFL, Zebra is committed to supporting the league’s Next Gen Stats initiative by enabling the NFL to collect real-time location data that captures the speed and acceleration of every player and every play on every inch of the field, transforming the ways fans, teams and networks watch, coach, play and analyze the game.

Partnership Adds Performance and Health Insights to Real-time Player Tracking

Integrating the Zebra Sports practice system with the industry-leading Kinduct Athlete Management System provides an extended, detailed view into players' health, wellness and overall performance. This expanded tracking solution with medical and training insights gives coaches, trainers and sports science staff a powerful suite of tools for athlete and team preparation, injury prevention and ehanced performance on the practice field for greater success on game day.

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Real-time information is the life's blood of today's data-centric world. And with hardware, talking to software, talking to the cloud, only Zebra's intelligent, enterprise-level solutions give you instant connectivity and unrivaled visibility.

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