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Mobile Computers

Vehicle Mounted Rugged Computers

Zebra mobile computer mounted on a warehouse forklift
Vehicle Mounted Computers

Maximize Warehouse Efficiency with High-Performance Vehicle-Mounted Rugged Computers for Flawless Fulfillment

Empower your front-line workers to take their work performance to new heights with Zebra's ultra-rugged vehicle-mounted computers. Designed to be mounted on material handling equipment, our computers are built to withstand harsh warehouse environments, cold chains, busy yard locations, shocks, vibrations, and more. Vehicle mount computers are built to withstand exposure to dust and water, providing reliable performance even in the toughest environmental conditions. Moreover, for industrial settings that demand even more durability and flexibility, truck and forklift-mounted computers with quick-mount capabilities are specifically designed to perform in rigorous environments, making them ideal for use in demanding industrial settings. And equipping order pickers, forklifts, tuggers, and other industrial vehicles with vehicle-mounted computers enhances your team’s mobility and provides real-time data, improving operational efficiency in any warehouse setting. Enable your workers to fulfill orders faster without sacrificing accuracy by leveraging our portfolio of industry-ready computers.