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Machine Vision Solutions

Solve your most critical operational challenges with Zebra. Our machine vision solutions are field proven to prepare you for today's challenges and tomorrow's uncertainty.

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Stay Ahead of Today's Expectations

Outperform expectations when you automate with Zebra. Our wide-ranging portfolio of machine vision hardware and software products empowers you with speed and precision, delivering unmatched quality and enhanced productivity to any application. Benefit from a single-source provider for virtually every application need, with a field-proven portfolio of solutions to address automation requirements.

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Scale for Any Application and Any Specification

Solve a range of vision challenges, from simple to complex. Effortlessly scale up or across portfolios without having to change providers. Choose from the widest ecosystem of products that grow with your business and give you more control and flexibility across your facility.

Install and Deploy with Ease

Keep expenses and downtime to a minimum with interoperable and streamlined solutions that save you time and money. Zebra's machine vision solutions are easy to install, command a smaller footprint and integrate with third-party or existing systems so you can create a truly connected environment.

Future-Proof with Confidence

Build smarter operations with right-fit vision solutions that integrate effortlessly and evolve in pace with your business. Our products adhere to and adapt with industry standards so you can enjoy greater product longevity and safeguard your investments.

Build End-to-End Solutions


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Fixed Scanners

Zebra's fixed industrial scanners automatically track and trace items from production to distribution. Easily keep track of every part and package with a model for every application. Upgradeable features grow to meet evolving business needs.

Smart Cameras

Reduce production defects, increase throughput and improve efficiency with Zebra's smart cameras and sensors. State-of-the-art smart cameras extend scanning capabilities, leveraging vision software tools for setting up, deploying and running vision applications.

3D Sensors

Zebra's high-fidelity, high-speed 3D profile sensors feature a dual-camera single-laser design that minimizes scanning gaps at critical surface junctures. Get 3D vision applications up and running quickly via a GigE Vision interface lets users work directly with a range of machine vision software.

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Vision Controllers

A unique combination of embedded PC technology, expansion capabilities, optimized size, and sturdiness means Zebra's vision controllers are at home in any manufacturing facility. The industrial computing platforms deliver desktop-level performance and watch over one or more production lines with ease.

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I/O Cards

Turn any PC running Aurora Imaging Library™ or Aurora Design Assistant™ vision software into a genuine vision controller with cards featuring discrete digital I/Os for real-time synchronization with automation devices.

Frame Grabbers

Zebra has the industry’s most comprehensive frame grabber lineup. From entry-level models for cost-sensitive application requirements, to boards integrating flexible high-rate acquisition and pre-processing capabilities, we have the frame grabber for every machine vision application.

Machine Vision Cameras

The CV60 series of area scan cameras are built for vision systems featuring multi-camera configurations. With several monochrome and color models to choose from, the CV60 Series features high-resolution CMOS sensors with resolutions ranging from 2.3 to 12.3 megapixels over a GigE Vision interface.


Aurora Focus

Aurora Focus simplifies control of enterprise-wide manufacturing and logistics solutions. The on-device software is exclusive to Zebra’s fixed industrial scanners and VS20/VS40/VS70 smart cameras, with an interface that makes it easy to set up, deploy and run fixed industrial scanners and smart cameras, eliminates need for other tools and reduces training time.

Aurora Vision Studio

Aimed at machine and computer vision engineers, Aurora Vision Studio software is a dataflow-based software with an intuitive graphical environment that enables users to quickly create, integrate and monitor powerful machine vision applications without the need to write a single line of code.

Aurora Vision Library

Designed for experienced programmers proficient in vision applications, Aurora Vision Library is a code-based machine vision library that provides the same sophisticated functionality as our Aurora Vision Studio software but presented in programming language.

Aurora Imaging Library

Aurora Imaging Library, formerly Matrox Imaging Library, is a C#, C++, .NET programming library for code-based project development. The machine-vision software development kit (SDK) has a deep collection of tools for image capture, processing, analysis, annotation, display, and archiving.

Aurora Design Assistant

Aurora Design Assistant, formerly Matrox Design Assistant, integrated development environment (IDE) is a flowchart-based platform for building applications, with templates to speed up development and bring vision applications online quicker.

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