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PVC Plastic Cards

Hand holding a plastic card printed on a Zebra printer

Expect Quality Results, Every Time

Our PVC and Composite PVC Plastic Cards Are Guaranteed ISO-Compliant and Provide:



  • High-performance image sharpness for rich colors and crisp barcodes 
  • Reduced card printer wear and tear for lower maintenance costs
  • Enhanced security features, such as embedded holograms and custom designs
  • Smart-card options including contact and contactless smart cards or magnetic striped cards



  • Premier PVC

    When you choose Premier PVC cards, you get durable PVC plastic cards with a long lifespan. Choose from a variety of customizable card options to meet your needs.

    Premier Plus PVC Composite

    Premier Plus PVC plastic cards are made of a high-durability composite polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with a polyester core, providing superior durability for high security, laminated cards.

    UHF Gen 2 RFID Cards

    Containing a patented antenna design and Monza® 4QT chip, this passive RFID smart card offers advanced sensitivity for enhanced read rates and range, plus full read/write capabilities.

    Security Featured Cards

    PVC and Composite PVC cards with customized security features to meet your exact needs are available by special order. Contact your local authorized Zebra reseller for more details.

    Zebra Will Help You Design a
    Solution to Meet Your Needs