Online RMA - Asia Pacific


Online Repair Request (Contract and Non-contract)

Register for an Online Repair Request (RMA)

Registration is the first step. The one-time registration sets up your account with a user ID and password.

Login to the RMA portal

Your user ID and password allow you to create and manage online repair requests.

How to get started

Step by step instructions to create online RMA requests and view repair status.


If your product is in need of repair, Zebra offers repair services for products that are under warranty, covered by a service contract or through a Time and Material based charge.

Please follow the process for your country listed below:

  • Customer Support Hours: Monday to Friday, 9 a.m.- 6 p.m. (In-country local time)
  • Contact the RMA Support number for your area: 1-800-457-439 
  • When contacting Zebra please provide your serial number


Country Contact the RMA Support number for your area:
Austraila 1-800-457-439
China 4006 456 456
Hong Kong

India 000 800 100 3098
Indonesia 001-803-015-202-0530
Japan 00531-13-1127
Malaysia 1800-812-384
03 7712 4489 
New Zealand
0800 448 472
Philippines 1800 144 10546
Singapore 64155110
South Korea 080-681-0880
Taiwan 00801-14-8690
Thailand 001 800 441 0950