Online RMA - Europe, Middle East and Africa

NOTE: Zebra has recently updated many of our systems, processes, and tools. Please note the following information and changes:

  • Single Legal Entity: Zebra has consolidated all business operations into one single legal entity supporting EMEA. Effective 1 May, ensure all transactions with Zebra are submitted to the following legal entity: Zebra Technologies Europe Limited, Dukes Meadow, Millboard Road, Bourne End SL8 5XF, United Kingdom
  • Currency Changes: As of 1 May 2017, Zebra Technologies Europe Limited quotes, invoices, and recieves payments in the following currencies for all transactions with Zebra: Pound Sterling (GBP), Euro (EUR), and U.S. Dollar (USD).
  • Pricing for Billable Repairs: Effective 1 May 2017, Zebra’s global policy for quotation of billable repairs has changed. Repair quotations are based upon Zebra’s Tier 3 flat-rate repair prices, which represent the maximum potential repair costs for a device. Upon completion of the quoted repair, an invoice will be generated based on the actual parts and labour required.

Additional Information: A full description of the changes implemented is provided in the Guide to Business Changes for Customers in EMEA at the following link: EMEA Customer Guide

Zebra’s online Repair Order Portal makes submitting repair return (RMA) requests easy and convenient for partners, customers with an established financial relationship with Zebra, and other customers who have existing Zebra service contract agreements.*

Portal features include:

  • Access the portal around-the-clock
  • Receive a repair authorisation number instantaneously
  • cheque warranty / entitlement for devices
  • Receive and approve repair quotations online (for repairs outside of warranty or contract coverage)
  • View the status of individual device repairs
  • Print shipping documents and instructions
  • Track shipments
  • Run multiple repair reports
  • Place advanced exchange and accessory orders
  • Upload multiple items (“bulk upload”) into a single repair order
  • Schedule device pickup / collection (subscribed customers)
  • Available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Dutch 
  • Coming soon in Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Czech, and Hebrew

* If your company does not already have a service account set up with Zebra Technologies, please contact your supplier to arrange for the repair of your device(s).

New and Returning Users

Your user ID and password enable you to create and manage online repair requests.

Go to Zebra's online Repair Order Portal to get started:

New User Registration

Please register for access. A user ID and password will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Returning Registered Users

Select a language below to access the version of Zebra's online Repair Order Portal most convenient for you.

Instructions to Initiate Your Repair Online

The RMA Portal is very user-friendly and intuitive. Below you can find a job aid to initiating an online repair request:

Additional Resources

Not yet registered to use the Repair Order Portal?

Zebra’s standards process for requesting repair return requests is to use the Repair Order Portal above. We strongly encourage you to use the portal to avoid delays in processing requests. On an exception basis, partners and customers may use the following manual process:

  1. Download the Repair Returns Form for your country below
  2. e-mail the completed form to
  3. A Zebra agent will create a Service Order (RMA) number for your request
  4. Print and attach the shipping manifest received from Zebra support to your device before shipping

When completing the form, you will need to provide to Zebra a problem code that most closely reflects the primary issue you are having with your device. You can download a list of problem codes at the link below.

For Repairs in other Regions