Online RMA - Europe, Middle East and Africa

The Online Repair Request (RMA) portal is convenient, easy to use and provides:

  • Around-the-clock access
  • Status updates
  • RMA quotation approval
  • Shipment tracking
  • Collection service
  • Repair statistics
  • Printable shipping documents

Available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish and Russian.

Register for an Online Repair Request (RMA)
The one-time registration sets up your account with a user ID and password.

Login to the RMA Portal
Your user ID and password enable you to create and manage online repair requests.

Instructions to Initiate Your Repair Online

Psion Customers - Please select your preferred language:

Enterprise Customers - Please select your preferred language:

Not registered with the Online Repair Request system? We provide these forms as alternative, but we recommend registering with the request system.

To initiate a request for a contracted repair:

  1. Please download and fill out the repair return form for your country.
  2. Please attach the form to your unit(s).

How to Request Accessories Under Comprehensive Coverage