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Empowering Heroes on the Front Line of COVID-19

Capture your performance edge with Zebra Solutions

Worker taking inventory in Warehouse with Zebra tablet

Warehouse leaders are investing in modern technology to optimize fulfillment and remain competitive. Learn how.

Zebra healthcare imager scanning patient wristband

Learn more about our healthcare solutions including patient wristbands, specimen collection and lab management technology.

Delivery driver using Zebra tablet for directions

Learn more about our line of purpose built rugged tablets for a faster, better experience for Field Services technicians.

Zebra`s Enterprise Mobile Automation (EMA) solution

Man and machine partner once again, yet like never before — using automated intelligence. Create the ideal store experience for shoppers. Drive sharper decisions and more agile operations, fueled by data-driven intelligence with SmartSight.

Officers Using Zebra XSLATE R12 Tablet

Learn more about our purpose-built portfolio of first responder devices which are now certified on the leading public safety broadband networks.

Voluntary Recall Notice Regarding Power Supplies for Certain Zebra Printers

Zebra power supply