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Autonomous Mobile Robots

Power productivity and free up your workforce and workspace with Zebra Robotics Automation--the flexible, scalable, quick-to-deploy AMR portfolio.

Power Your Productivity

Flexibility for Your Changing Needs

Your operations are evolving everyday, shouldn’t your automation technology do the same? Our flexible Fetch AMRs and Symmetry™ platform enables you to respond faster and adapt to ever-changing market conditions, to deliver long-term growth. Automate when and where you need and redeploy whenever you have to.

Empower Your Workforce

Our AMRs take worker productivity to the next level by automating common material movement tasks freeing workers for higher-value tasks. Your facility performs at its peak when people robots and software work together, coordinating tasks, synchronizing existing and new technologies, making intelligent decisions, and adapting to dynamic conditions.

Fast, Easy to Deploy and in the Cloud

Our AMRs are easy and fast to deploy for rapid ROI. Zebra SymmetryTM is a cloud-based platform for your AMR fleet and automation workflows. Accessible from anywhere, Zebra Symmetry delivers simplicity, performance and ease of use for any operation that need AMRs deployed. Effortlessly manage robots and modify workflows with a few clicks of a button.

Robotics Automation Products

1 Product Model

Fetch100 Connect

Automating cart-based material handling is faster and easier. The Fetch100 Connect moves carts autonomously between locations. Compared to manual cart operations, unproductive walking and travel time is greatly reduced.

1 Product Model

Fetch100 Roller

The Fetch100 Roller features an integrated conveyor top that automatically inducts and discharges totes and bins without human intervention. Reduce linear bottlenecks common with unidirectional movement of traditional conveyance by automatically delivering material to and from specific work areas instead of traveling in a single direction along a fixed path.

1 Product Model

Fetch100 Shelf

The Fetch 100 Shelf provides autonomous transport in virtually any facility and carries a wide range of bins, totes and packages with its configurable shelving system. The Fetch 100 shelf features an integrated touchscreen that can be programmed to support a wide range of workflows including repeated material movements, lineside delivery, AS/RS to pack out and replenishment.

2 Product Models

Fetch100 Flex Series

Fetch100 Flex is built specifically for the Zebra Fulfillment Solution. It features a barcode scanner, NFC reader for badges, and a touchscreen for picker guidance and interactions. Zebra Symmetry software integrates with your WMS to optimize resource utilization for your picking operation.

1 Product Model

Fetch100 Research

The Fetch 100 Research is designed for academic and teaching environments with the Robot Operating Systems (ROS) for the greatest common usability.

1 Product Model

Fetch100 OEM Base

Designed to be highly extensible while prioritizing safety, our fully autonomous Fetch100 OEM base is a cost-effective product to accelerate the development of automated solutions for a wide range of applications.

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