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How critical is mobility to your operations today? What kind of applications and capabilities will you have tomorrow? To take full advantage of the Workforce Mobility Revolution, now is the time to evaluate exactly where you stand. After assessing mobility in your organization, making the business case will help you gain buy-in from key stakeholders and map out your next steps. Our simple resources will help you assess your business and complete these critical tasks, so you can set in motion the opportunity.

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Use the insights you will receive from our assessment tool - covering operating systems, devices and app migration - to help you build a successful workforce mobility strategy.

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Assess Your Mobility Environment

Which employees need mobility and in what parts of your organization? What devices and applications do they rely on? What is required to power all this? Use our inventory worksheet to help you build a complete picture of mobility in your organization.

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Build The Business Case

You might be ready to upgrade your enterprise mobility right now but others in the organization could still need convincing. This worksheet will take you through the steps to building a customized and compelling business case for change.

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VDC White Paper

Provides critical insights to support your transition to modern OS and mobile device, as well as on application re-write considerations.

To learn more about these insights, either watch the VDC video  or download the white paper.

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Frontline Worker Using Zebra Mobile Computer

Find Out What Devices Gartner Advises to Stop Buying Today

The count down to the final days of extended support for the legacy systems that power most of the ruggedized, handheld devices has begun! Are you ready?

In Gartner’s report, Revisit Your Ruggedized Strategy Before You’re Hit by the End of OS Support, industry analysts, Leif-Olof Wallin and Stephen Kleynhans, explain how to overcome key challenges and their recommendations for a successful migration.

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