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Join the Workforce Mobility Revolution With Zebra Devices for Android™

Join the Workforce Mobility Revolution with Zebra for Android.

Major mobility trends like consumerization, the Internet of Things, and Bring-Your-Own-Device are challenging, changing, and dictating not only the workplace mind-set, but the very idea of what the 'workplace' now is.

This is driving a truly unprecendented revolution in workforce mobility - but one that, with Zebra for Android, more and more organizations can join quickly, painlessly, and profitably.

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Why Android?

Android is a mobility phenomenon.

Strictly speaking in fact, it's THE mobility phenomenon. Android is familiar to billions of people across the globe. Its devices, interface, apps, logo. Even the names of it sweet-toothed upgrades. Now widely used in Chromebooks, TVs, wearables, and even cars, as well as mobile devices, astonishingly Android can now be found on four in every five consumer handhelds.

Indeed, having gained and retained the lion's share of the global smartphone market, Android is now officially the world's most popular, dominant mobile operating system (OS).

And all in just eight short years.

Extraordinary in its speed and scope, this rise has come about for all kinds of reasons.


Now with Zebra's Powerful Mobility Extensions (Mx) and Mobility DNA Solutions - It comes with even more compelling Security and Management capabilities.

The kind of rapid ascent to prominence enjoyed by Android inevitably comes with certain question marks, and when Android first arrived in the enterprise space its security and management capabilities were still at an embryonic stage.

Not anymore. Not with Zebra. The result? The perfect path towards an efficient, agile, mobile, Android-enabled workforce and the ideal partner with whom to make the journey.

Deploying and supporting Android-driven mobility across key lines of business is plainly not just possible now, but necessary.

And, with Zebra, there's a definitive way to do it.

Reasons For Android's Popularity

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Customization & Flexibility

Supported by a massive development community across the globe, Android is incredibly agile and easy to customize

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Ease of Use

Android a user favorite worldwide

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Data Security

Personal and company data are easily compartmentalized

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Android OS is

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Since 2010 a vast amount of work has gone into optimizing Android for
enterprise usage

Why Zebra for Android?

With Zebra, Android is truly enterprise ready for three important reasons.

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Because Zebra has the largest range of enterprise optimized Android devices in the business, purpose built to improve the productivity and mobility of your business.

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Exclusive to Zebra, built-in 
Mx Technology means Android security is uniquely hardened for use in even the most demanding enterprise environments.

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Zebra Mobility DNA: the industry's most comprehensive suite of workforce mobility must-haves to enable full customization to meet the needs of your business.


Featured Devices for Android

Zebra MC18 personal Shopper


MC18 Personal Shopper

Many customers prefer to self-scan. The MC18 makes it easy for them, shortening checkout queues and driving additional spend with targeted marketing.

Zebra TC70 Touch Computer


TC70 Touch Computer

The TC70 marries powerful retail tools with the simplicity of a consumer device, making it easy to conduct price and inventory checks, take mobile payments, scan coupons and communicate across the shop floor and stockroom.

Zebra MC40 Mobile Computer


MC40 superior service

Empower your shop floor workers to deliver superior service using this elegant handheld. It’s quick and simple to locate items and carry out price and inventory checks, without leaving the customer’s side.

Zebra MC3200 Mobile Computer


MC3200 Next Level Inventory

Reach new heights in productivity and accuracy with this smart mobile computer, perfect for retail inventory management.

Zebra ET55 Tablet


ET55 Tablet

On-the-go productivity meets rugged design, with WAN capability for outside the distribution centre, stockroom and beyond.

Zebra TC51 Mobile Computer


TC51 Mobile Computer

Empower teams with a single device that encompasses voice and data communications, fast roaming and world-class scanning.



MC67 Mobile Handheld

Now your field workers can work smarter than ever before, using built-in barcode capture, video and photo capabilities, document capture, and phone calls.



ET55 Tablet

This tough tablet copes with drops, spills or dust and makes it simple to manage routing, scheduling, POD’s and much more on the move, with 4G connectivity.



TC55 Touch Computer

A smartphone with great on-the-road functionality, the TC55 handles data capture, task management, order tracking and field reporting simply and securely.

Zebra TC56 Mobile Computer


TC56 Mobile Computer

TC56 with leading performance. Rugged but light, next-generation enterprise device with best-in-class scanning and fast roaming.

Zebra TC75 Mobile Computer


TC75 Fast Data Access

This enterprise-class handheld is rugged and ready for field work, allowing you to communicate and access real time information across 4G and Wi-Fi.

Zebra TC8000 Mobile Computer


TC8000 Mobile Computer

Designed to help your workers get more done faster, the TC8000 is perfect for warehouse management, truck unload/load, pick/put away, replenishment, packing and shipping.

Zebra MC9200 Mobile Computer


MC9200 Gun Style Mobile Computer

The MC9200 offers gold standard mobility for demanding warehouse environments, combining the latest Wi-Fi technology with a proven rugged design.

Zebra MC3200 Mobile Computer


MC3200 Mobile Computer

Take inventory management efficiency to the next level in cycle counting, pick and put away, returns processing, yard management and voice directed picking.

Zebra WT6000 Wearable Computer


WT6000 Wearable Productivity

The WT6000 delivers on all the promises of modern wearable computers, with maximum comfort, durability and productivity for hands-on warehouse work.

Zebra ET55 Tablet


ET55 Tablet

Rugged and reliable with Android ease of use, this tablet resists drops, water and dust in the warehouse and works in more places thanks to 4G connectivity.

Zebra TC8000 Mobile Computer


TC8000 Mobile Computer

This innovative design helps workers carry out everyday tasks more efficiently, such as inventory management, supply line replenishment, maintenance/repair operations and compliance verification.

Zebra MC67 Mobile Computer


MC67 Fully Featured Device

This powerhouse of a device lets workers access backend system information, scan practically any bar code, easily capture documents, use video and photos for real-time support, and make phone calls.

Zebra ET55 Tablet


ET55 Tablet

Rugged and reliable with Android ease of use, this tablet resists drops, water and dust in the plant and works in more places thanks to 4G connectivity.

Zebra MC9200 Mobile Computer


MC9200 Gun Style Mobile Computer

A proven rugged design and the latest Wi-Fi technology make the MC9200 the gold standard in mobility – ideal for demanding manufacturing environments.

Zebra MC40-HC Mobile Computer


MC40-HC Handheld

Help your staff deliver better care by giving them this easy-to-use mobile device. The MC40-HC makes it simple to access patient and medical data on the move.

Zebra: Enterprise Android for Every Environment

Uniquely developed, honed, toughened, and tested to perform in even the harshest, most demanding environments,
Zebra Enterprise Android is the definitive suite of products and tools for the enterprise looking to mobilize its workforce,
its processes, its productivity, and its profitability.

Man in suit with name tag


From distribution center to stockroom to shopfloor, Zebra for Android means slicker, faster, more agile operations for every retail eventuality.

Man in orange work clothes with crossed arms

Transport & Logistics

Complete visibility and control over goods, assets, people, processes, and places in even the most complex, security-sensitive T&L scenarios.

Man in yellow vest


Total visibility of what it is, where it is, and how to find it. From dock, to stock, to pick, to pack, to ship. Instantaneously.

Man in dark blue clothes


From Goods-In and materials planning, to job completion and process analytics, Zebra for Android means manufacturing on time,
'Just in Time', every time.

Woman in scrubs with face mask and stethoscope


The go-to mobility choice for every critical healthcare scenario, the Zebra for Android MC40-HC delivers security, stability, and improved patient outcomes.


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Simple Android
Printer Setup

Zebra’s Android Printer Setup Utility makes it easy to configure Link-OS printers, including Bluetooth printers, with cloud-based management.

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Android in Manufacturing

Reduce downtime, assure compliance and improve quality with Zebra for Android.


Android in Logistics and Delivery Services

Improving service levels and efficiencies using Zebra for Android.

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Better connections, better care.  Zebra for Android.