Zebra Design

This is Zebra's design space where you can find all Zebra creative guidelines and style guides. If you have questions, please email the contact shown below for the respective guidelines.

Brand Guidelines

The Zebra Brand Guidelines and Templates were created to ensure visual consistency across all internal and external materials used in a variety of communications and applications. 

For questions about the guidelines or using the templates contact: brand@zebra.com

Master Brand Guidelines
(New Version Coming in January 2017)

Channel Partner Brand Usage Guidelines

Zebra Logos

Marketing Icon Library

Marketing Icon Library PNGs

Visibility that's Visionary Brand Usage Guidelines

Corporate PowerPoint Template

Zebra Images Media Library

Visibility that's Visionary Brand Usage Guidelines

Global Product Design Language (GPDL) v2.0

Product branding goes beyond the mere application of a logo to a piece of hardware or software. All aspects of our products, from the resin color to the user interface, are part of a distinct brand identity. And product design constantly evolves as emerging technologies and new processes increase the functionality and quality of product solutions. A Global Product Design Language (GPDL) is critical as Zebra ideates and designs our innovative solutions.
This design language guide enables industrial designers to develop solutions that are consistent and aligned with the brand identity of Zebra. The guide includes an overview of product branding and name application, logo positions, CMF (Color, Material, Finish), packaging and numerous other design details for all Zebra products going forward. The GPDL guide spans all product lines and establishes design cues that accommodate the requirements of our different products while maintaining a global portfolio appeal.

For more information, contact: GPDL@zebra.com.

The guidelines in this document show how the Zebra logo and product model number can be displayed on products. They aid communication and promote identification of Zebra products internally, with resellers, and with customers.

The examples in this document outline the characteristics and types of product icons and provide directions to access the icon library. They encourage a unified, family appearance to be implemented across a variety of platforms

The guidelines in this document are recommendations for the size and placement of the Zebra logo, box labels, and all mandatory and optional elements on product unit packaging and overpack cartons. Box branding promotes the Zebra brand.

Color and Finish

Coming Soon. The guidelines in this document are recommendations for the colors and finishes used on Zebra products. They enhance handling, performance and visual appearance.

User Documentation

Coming Soon. These template examples include user documentation covers, CD artwork and Zebra how-to videos. Common elements and colors present a consistent look and feel for all user documentation, reinforcing the Zebra brand and product experience.

The GPDL guides are Zebra Confidential. Non-disclosure agreements must be in place prior to sharing content.