Empower Front-Line Associates, Improve Operations and Maximize Profits with Zebra

At NRF Converge, Zebra Technologies will discuss solutions that enable retail businesses to gain a performance edge. Zebra’s solutions are used to intelligently connect people, assets and data to help our customers make business-critical decisions.

Fast-track your insights and streamline retail performance to make smarter decisions with Zebra’s innovative, next-gen solutions.

Win The Now of Retail With These Solutions

Zebra Prescriptive Analytics™

Zebra’s Prescriptive Analytics is a robust retail software solution that analyzes data identifying opportunities for improvement and sends a prescriptive action.

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Zebra SmartCount™

Zebra SmartCount is an inventory management system designed for retail providing real-time inventory visibility, greater inventory accuracy and significant savings.

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Zebra Reflexis™

Zebra’s Reflexis platform offers intelligent communication, real-time task management, and AI-powered workforce management solutions needed to succeed in today’s fast-paced retailing environment.

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Zebra Designs Solutions to Meet Your Unique Needs