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PowerPrecision Battery Solutions

When it comes to mobile device reliability, battery performance is more critical than most companies realize. Here’s what you need to know.

Without detailed information on the batteries in your devices, your workers can find themselves with a fully discharged battery, unable to work and forced to go in search of a replacement — impacting productivity and customer service quality.Now, Zebra addresses these issues with three solutions:

PowerPrecision management software, PowerPrecision and PowerPrecision+ smart batteries. These intelligent batteries have the integrated technology required to collect the detailed real-time battery metrics needed to maximize useful battery life and ensure every battery is healthy and able to hold a full charge. PowerPrecision Battery Management software completes the solution, providing a single centralized window into the state of all the batteries in your devices, plus the ability to automatically alert users when a battery needs to be replaced or retired. PowerPrecision — the easy way to provide workers with full-shift battery power.

Features and Benefits

Power centralized battery management software for better battery management

PowerPrecision Battery Management software revolutionizes battery management. Now, IT can see the metrics of all PowerPrecision and PowerPrecision+ batteries in all mobile devices in a single centralized location. The result? Every user can now start every shift with a healthy fully-charged battery that will last a full shift — no more time spent hunting down charged batteries, time that could be much better spent on task.

Better battery intelligence

The PowerPrecision battery family provides precise information allowing users to see the percentage of battery power remaining in a specific cycle. In addition, technology inside the batteries tracks and maintains the metrics required to provide real-time visibility into more meaningful battery statistics, such as total cycle usage of the battery, whether the battery is old and should be retired or how long a battery will take to fully charge.

PowerPrecision batteries provide smart, convenient and flexible battery asset information to identify the battery used on each device, this kind of battery also provides the total charge cycles consumed which can be used to predict the life of the battery and identify when it needs to be replaced.

PowerPrecision+ batteries deliver the ultimate in battery management, enabling electronic query of battery asset information plus a wealth of battery health-related information, including charge cycles consumed, battery status at the time of query and a State Of Health meter, which performs real time modeling of the electrical characteristics of the battery pack to compare current performance to that of a new battery.

Better battery design

While all batteries may look alike, quality and performance can vary dramatically.  PowerPrecision batteries are designed and manufactured to meet the rigorous standards required to deliver superior performance and reliability.

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