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Zebra replacement batteries ensure maximum run-time and help you get the most out of your printer's capabilities. Long-lasting Zebra back-up and replacement batteries provide:

  • Protective circuitry that guards against premature failure
  • High power-to-volume and power-to-weight features
  • Choice of li-ion battery pack and smart li-ion battery products

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Compatible Printers
ZQ320 PowerPrecision+ 2280 mAH Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery

Spare printer battery. (Note: One battery ships with the printer). Battery Capacity: 2280 mAh

Zebra ZQ320 PowerPrecision+ 2280 mAH Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • ZQ320
ZQ500 Series Extended Battery

Extends life of printer for high-duty cycle applications. Four-cell bump-out pack. Has LED on outside for visible indication when battery is due for replacement.

  • ZQ510 Mobile Printer
  • ZQ520 Mobile Printer
ZQ500 Series Smart Battery

Can be polled and managed to monitor battery health and replacement. Compatible with ZQ510 and ZQ520 printers, smart battery single charger, vehicle charger, quad battery charger and 4-bay power station.

  • ZQ510 Mobile Printer
  • ZQ520 Mobile Printer
  • ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers
QLn220 and QLn320 Extended Battery

Provides 2x the capacity over the standard life battery, providing twice the power for increased uptime.

  • QLn320 Mobile Printer
  • QLn220 Mobile Printer
  • QLn220 Healthcare
  • QLn320 Healthcare
RW 420 Lithium Ion Battery

Always be charged up and ready to go with Li-Ion replacement batteries for your RW series printer. When it comes to backup batteries, the Li-Ion delivers power. 

KDU Plus
  • RW 420 Mobile Printer
RW 220 Lithium Ion Battery

Keep Li-Ion replacement batteries on hand for your RW 220 series printer, to make sure it's always ready to print. The smart Li-Ion battery provides a long-lasting charge.

  • RW 220 Mobile Printer
P4T/RP4T Smart Li-Ion Battery

Replacement batteries are a necessity. Keep your P4T/RP4T mobile printers always ready to perform with a smart lithium-ion battery.

  • P4T Mobile Printers
  • RP4T RFID Printers
MZ, iMZ Li-Ion Battery

Li-Ion Battery for MZ and iMZ printers.

  • MZ-220
  • MZ-320
  • iMZ220 Mobile Printer
  • iMZ320 Mobile Printer
ZQ110 Battery

7.4V, 1200 mAh battery for ZQ110 mobile printer.

  • ZQ110 Mobile Printers
ZQ110 Battery (external contacts)

7.4V, 1200 mAh battery for ZQ110 mobile printer that includes externally-facing contacts for use with docking cradles.

  • ZQ110 Mobile Printers