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Autonomous Mobile Robots

Fetch100 Research


Fetch100 Research

Advance Development of Autonomy and Mobility with the Fetch100 Research
Drawing upon their extensive experience at the famed Willow Garage, the designers envisioned an accessible, standard platform for mobile service robot applications. Fetch100 Research features a set of extensible mount and power points that allow the robot to be configured for a wide variety of tasks and a sensor suite suitable for navigation in dynamic environments. Fetch100 Research is designed to work with the Robot Operating Systems (ROS) for the greatest common usability.

Benefits of the Fetch100 Research

The Original AMR Platform

Roots in Willow Garage, the Fetch100 Research features highly extensible hardware design with capability to speed R&D for students, researchers, as well as corporate innovation centers looking to further develop mobile robotic technologies.

Runs on Open Source Software

From state of-the-art algorithms, to powerful tools and a global community of developers, the Fetch100 Research runs on ROS (Robot Operating System), a set of software libraries and tools that's relied upon throughout the robotics industry.

Power Your Next Research Project

The Fetch100 Research is a powerful and flexible package that provides the essential robotics hardware, software tools, and extendable capabilities needed to develop robotics research projects.

Additional Software Features

Zebra Symmetry

Symmetry is Zebra's cloud-based software that gives you complete control of your AMRs and automation workflows.