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Autonomous Mobile Robots

Fetch100 Shelf


Fetch100 Shelf

All-in-One Mobile Robot with Operator Touch Interface
The Fetch 100 Shelf provides autonomous transport in virtually any facility and carries a wide range of bins, totes and packages with its configurable shelving system. The Fetch 100 shelf features an integrated touchscreen that can be programmed to support a wide range of workflows including repeated material movements, lineside delivery, AS/RS to pack out and replenishment.

Benefits of the Fetch100 Shelf

Customizable Touch Interface

Fetch100 Shelf is an all-in-one material transport that features a user-friendly touchscreen that lets workers interact effortlessly, initiating workflows with ease.

Boost Workforce Productivity

By handling long-haul transport and eliminating manual walking, it empowers associates to concentrate on high-value tasks, boosting productivity significantly.

Automate and Optimize Flow of Goods

Accommodates a wide range of bins, totes, and packages with its customizable shelving system. The Fetch100 Shelf supports autonomous milk runs, replenishment, and delivery of parts, components, and items from all throughout your facility.

Additional Software Features

Zebra Symmetry

Symmetry is Zebra's cloud-based software that gives you complete control of your AMRs and automation workflows.