PS20 Personal Shopper Series

The Ultimate Personal Shopping Solution For Your Customers and Your Store Associates in One Device

Give your customers the ultimate personalized shopping experience in the palm of their hands. Shoppers simply pick up the PS20 as they enter your store when they grab their cart so they can scan and bag as they shop. In real-time, they’ll know how much is in their basket, where to find the best deals, and experience instantaneous checkout.

The PS20 personal shopping solution builds on the successful, proven MC18, adding features that propel this 'double-duty' device to the head of its class. It delivers revolutionary in-store service to your customers while adding increased productivity for your staff. Store associates can click and collect items for online order fulfillment, perform price checks, provide in-aisle customer assistance and perform line busting to help customers check out quickly.

Retailers get the most rugged solution in its category with advanced features that deliver unmatched functionality. Customers get a hassle-free, personalized shopping experience with dynamic couponing and assisted selling with suggested complementary items. And hands-free scanning makes shopping even easier to get in and out of the store faster — no long lines, stress or delays – eliminating abandoned baskets and lost sales.

Need help? The microphone provides voice support so customers can instantly reach a store associate for assistance — or interact with a digital assistant. And new indoor positioning guides customers through the most efficient path to collect their items. And the PS20 isn’t just for grocery stores. Elevate and personalize your customer’s in-store shopping journey in any retail setting, from gift registries, returns and do-it-yourself stores to hardware and big box stores.

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  • Advanced Features

    Android provides instant familiarity. The advanced touchscreen works when wet and is easy to see in virtually any lighting condition. Advanced scanning technology means easy first-time every-time capture of virtually every 1D, 2D electronic and printed barcode - including Digimarc support. Rich locationing support delivers one-to-one personalized coupons, discounts, shipping paths and more.

  • Backwards Capability

    Since you can use all of your existing MC18 accessories with the new PS20, you can upgrade cost-effectively to the very latest in personal shopping technology. No need to change cradle displays, regardless of whether you use the flexible 3-in-1 space-saving cradle in high-density, super high-density or desk-mount configurations.

  • Four New Mobility DNA Apps

    Get the ultimate in value-add features only from Zebra. WorryFree WiFi provides the best possible WiFi connection through advanced radio technology. PowerPrecision Console makes it easy to identify and remove aging mobile computer batteries. LifeGuard's new Analytics brings end-to-end revolutionary control and simplicity to the OS update process. And StageNow's new Restricted Mode allows you to choose which Google Mobile Services you want to enable.

Using Zebra PS20 While shopping

Deliver the Ultimate Shopping Experience with the PS20

PS20 Front Home

PS20 Personal Shopper

Deliver the Ultimate In-Store Shopping Experience

Give every customer that enters your store the ultimate personalized shopping experience with the next generation shopping assistant, the PS20 Personal Shopper.

  • Dimensions

    2.95 in. H x 8.58 in. L x 3.09 in. W

    7.50 cm H x 21.80 cm L x 7.86 cm W

  • Weight


  • Operating System

    Android 11; upgradeable to Android 13

  • CPU

    Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 660 octa-core, 2.2 GHz

  • Drop Spec

    Multiple 4 ft./1.2 m drops to concrete over the entire operating temperature range

  • Tumble Spec

    1,000 1.64 ft./0.5 m tumbles at room temperature

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