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The Highest Form of Printer Intelligence

Link-OS is the one-of-a-kind enterprise printer operating system found in Zebra’s latest line of printers. Featuring advanced connectivity capabilities, extensive device management and advanced privacy controls, no other printers deliver this level of intelligence and innovation. Printers running Link-OS are supported by a suite of powerful Applications, Utilities and Developer Tools, making it simple to create robust, adaptable and intelligent print solutions. 

Link-OS Printers Have a Mind for Business

Link-OS printers and software do more than just print. Utilizing device and event visibility, Link-OS printers and software solutions empower Operations and IT teams to optimize key processes and data flows. Behavioral bottlenecks and downtime drivers can be easily spotted and corrected, before they impact profitability. From Cloud Connectivity and advanced multi-language support to built-in upgradability, Link-OS printers stand out, delivering unique value — today and tomorrow. 

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Printer Management

Printer Configuration

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Document Design

The Link-OS Document Design tools allow you to quickly design a customized print solution using your business data and Zebra's intuitive, plug-and-print design tools.


ZebraDesigner v2 barcode label design software offers basic design features.

ZebraDesigner Pro v2 barcode label design software makes creating complex labels on fixed or variable data simple.

ZebraDesigner for XML v2 offers both the label design software features and printer configuration tools that enable printing on Zebra's XML-Enabled printers.

With ZebraDesigner™ for mySAP™ Business Suite v2 label design software, you can easily design within a user-friendly interface—and print directly from SAP's mySAP™ Business Suite environment.

The Zebra Utilities enables printing from Android devices.

Print Station app enables driverless printing from Android devices. Source code available in the Multiplatform SDK.

The Zebra Utilities enables printing from iOS devices.


Device Integration

The Link-OS Device Integration tools make it simple to integrate Zebra printers into your existing business process and system.


Enterprise Connector makes barcode printing from Oracle easy.

Connect printers directly and securely to your cloud-based apps.

Virtual Devices are on-printer apps that allow Link-OS printers to use the legacy languages normally associated with other printer brands.

Enables effortless Android device pairing and app launching with just a tap.

Use Zebra's SAP Device Types to enable printing directly from SAP.

PDF Direct, an on-printer app, allows Link-OS™ printers to directly receive and print PDFs from Oracle and SAP without middleware.

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Device Management

The Link-OS Device Management tools ensure uptime and optimized performance.


Profile Manager Enterprise gives you robust, convenient browser-based, anywhere, anytime remote management of Link-OS printers.  

This printer–based Mirror feature uses FTP to manage networked printers.

The Zebra Setup Utility enhances the out-of-box configuration tasks.

The SOTI MobiControl Connector embeds Link-OS printer support into the SOTI MobiControl device management system.

Zebra’s simple printer pairing solution for Android devices leverages NFC and Zebra’s Link-OS Print Touch feature.

The AirWatch Connector embeds Link-OS printer support into the AirWatch device management system.

Zebra's simple printer pairing solution for Symbol Windows Mobile/CE devices leverages the scanner to enable pairing. 

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Developer Tools

The Link-OS Developer Tools save you time and provide you access to unique "Zebra-only" features, plus allow you to create your own apps, including documentation, source code, programming languages, templates.


PrintConnect is the easy to use Zebra printer driver solution for the Android platform.


A printer-based option that allows programs to run directly on the device.

Developers can now quickly add USB or Network based printing support to their browser-based apps on Windows 7, Windows 10 and Mac OSX systems, when using Internet Explorer v11, Chrome or Safari.

The Link-OS Multiplatform SDK delivers all the tools needed for flexible custom solution development across multiple environments and infrastructures.

Application Notes offer details on advanced capabilities.

Network Connect printer software for Link-OS printers cuts the cost, complexity and time needed to integrate a printing solution with your plant floor.

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