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Cloud Connect Software

Connect securely and directly to the cloud

Cloud Connect allows Link-OS printers to interact with the Cloud, forwarding data from any port. These printers become an integral part of an overall Cloud strategy and an important component of your Internet of Things solution – today, or in the future.

You can connect Link-OS printers securely and directly to Cloud-based apps via standard WebSockets technology – for printer management, printing or as part of a powerful data collection platform. Reduce costs and streamline applications by using on-printer data capture technology to quickly move information from a connected scanner or input device through the printer.

Cloud Connect, plus the Multiport feature allows you to create solutions that deliver maximum return on investment. Pair your QLn or iMZ printer with a low-cost Bluetooth® scanner and use the printer's wireless radio to communicate directly to your Cloud-based applications. As barcodes are scanned, data is sent to the Cloud-based application for immediate processing. 

Update your existing iMZ, QLn and ZT200 devices to the Link-OS environment

Existing iMZ, QLn and ZT200 series units can be updated to the new Link-OS environment by downloading new firmware to the printer. Download for the specific printers below.


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