Network Connect Printer Software

On the plant floor, being “on-time”, every time is of utmost importance. Integrating printing can be cumbersome, inefficient and expensive, especially if the printers connect through the enterprise network. Zebra’s Network Connect printer software for Link-OS printers cuts the cost, complexity and time needed to integrate a printing solution with your Rockwell® PLC.

Zebra’s ODVA™-certified printer option provides the full Ethernet/IP protocol support needed to connect a printer directly to a Rockwell PLC, without the need for a converter box. Our “Add-On-Profile” makes it simple to create solutions using Rockwell's Studio 5000® development environment, including both print template filling and printer status checking. This unique solution reduces the time it takes for developers to integrate a Zebra printer.

network connect

Zebra Network Connect makes your entire production line more reliable, more efficient, and less costly to operate.

  • Eliminate 3rd-party Hardware

    Lowers cost through direct connectivity to Rockwell PLCs with no converter box.

  • Reduce Failure Points

    Increases reliability by reducing hardware points of potential failure.

  • Customize to your needs

    Simple to integrate using select Link-OS printers. Available in multiple form factors, resolutions and print widths.

Network Connect printer software is available for the following Link-OS printers:

Industrial Printers
  • ZT620
  • ZT610
  • ZT510
  • ZT420
  • ZT410
  • ZT230
  • ZT220
  • ZT210
Desktop Printers
  • ZD500
  • ZD500R
  • ZD420
  • ZD410
Mobile Printers
  • QLn420 with Ethernet cradle
  • QLn320 with Ethernet cradle
  • QLn220 with Ethernet cradle


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