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Acting as a printer driver for Android, PrintConnect makes it simple for developers to add label and receipt printing to their Android solutions.

PrintConnect handles the discovery and pairing process with Zebra’s Link-OS printers via Bluetooth or WLAN connections therefore reducing the amount code required in your app. PrintConnect supports our Print Touch feature making the pairing process even easier!

Simply pass the variable data for your label or receipt to PrintConnect using the Android Intents system and PrintConnect will merge the data with your template and send it on to the printer. PrintConnect supports Cloud storage services so you can centrally manage all your templates. Our free Windows-based, WYSIWYG ZebraDesigner software allows you to design templates for any application.

Developers that prefer to include the discovery, pairing and printing processes in their own apps can do so using our Link-OS SDK.

How It Works

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Design Your Template

Use the ZebraDesigner App

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Create Your App

Use the Android Intents messaging system to pass variable data to PrintConnect.

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Connect your printer using Tap & Pair - PrintConnect checks status at print time, variable data is merged with your template and labels print.

Zebra's ISV Team is Here to Help

Get access to the PrintConnect source code to further develop the application to suit your needs


PrintConnect supports the following Zebra Link-OS™ printers:

  • iMZ™ series
  • QLn™ series
  • ZQ™ series
  • ZD™ series
  • ZT™ series

The application supports the following types of connectivity:

  • Bluetooth
  • Wired/Ethernet
  • Wireless

The application supports the following operating systems:

  • Android versions 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0 and 10.0