All-touch Terminal Emulation

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The all-touch terminal emulation client, powered by Wavelink, is the most comprehensive solution for accessing, managing and maintaining connections to applications resident on host systems. Shifting to a modern, more productive and consistent user experience and optimized for “touch” mobile computers, this proven solution captures and aggregates mission-critical data, providing flexibility and value for enterprises throughout the supply chain and across industries.

All-touch terminal emulation is available for Android™ OS devices.

All-touch Terminal Emulation Specification Sheet

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The enterprise features you need

  • Designed for Today’s Mobile Worker

    All-touch terminal emulation stabilizes and standardizes the user experience and provides advanced scanning functionalities, giving it features that no other industrial-grade browser has.


  • Built for Wireless Networks

    All-touch terminal emulation is built for today’s environments where wireless connectivity is a necessity. Its fast and efficient architecture means it’s significantly faster than traditional browsers.

  • Session Persistence

    All-touch terminal emulation provides a steady connection to the host, no matter the environment. Offering a robust middleware architecture, all-touch terminal emulation allows session and connection persistence, load balancing with redundancy and failover. 

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