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Easily Transition Your Terminal Emulation Apps to Android

With the retirement of support for Microsoft’s mobile operating systems, you need to transition your Terminal Emulation apps to the next generation enterprise operating system — Android. All-Touch Terminal Emulation (TE), powered by Wavelink, makes it easy. This fully-featured flexible solution lets you migrate at your own pace to minimize learning curves and maximize adoption speed. You can simply migrate all of your current green screens to Android in minutes, so your workers are up and running, practically right out of the box. You can enhance your green screens with features that simplify tasks and boost productivity — for example, you can automatically turn text-based instructions into on-screen buttons. Or you can take complete advantage of Android by transforming your green screens into fully interactive graphic screens that maximize task simplicity, workforce productivity and your overall operational efficiency.

No matter which phase of migration you choose, with All-Touch TE, it’s fast and easy — no developer or coding required. And since All-Touch TE is pre-loaded on all Zebra Android mobile computers and often pre-licensed as well, you get a great value — you have everything you need to migrate to Android the day your Zebra mobile devices arrive.

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The Enterprise Features You Need

  • No Host Modification Required

    The unique architecture of All-Touch TE eliminates the need to modify your host application. The result? Migration is no longer complex, time-consuming and costly. And you can even automatically translate your TE app into a wide variety of languages.

  • Automatically Add Product Photos to Substantially Reduce Errors

    Because a picture is worth a thousand words, we make it easy to add a photo of a product to any screen. The new visual reference helps prevent costly warehouse errors, such as the misplacement of inventory that often leads to false stock-outs and delays in order fulfillment — or picking errors that can result in the delivery of the wrong items and lost customers.

  • Automatic Screen Sizing For All of Your Devices

    Chances are you’re using different types of devices in your warehouse — such as handheld, wearable or vehicle-mount mobile computers. All-Touch TE automatically adjusts your screens to the display size, resolution and orientation of your Zebra mobile devices.

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