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Complementary PTT calls inside the four walls over your Wi-Fi Network

Instantly enable Push-To-Talk communications between compatible devices over your existing Wi-Fi network with PTT Express. PTT Express is the most cost-effective way to give a small group of workers inside the four walls a basic voice connection — there is no additional infrastructure to purchase and the client software is free 

The enterprise features you need

  • Enables cross-device communications

    Now you can easily connect different workers in different departments with different types of Zebra mobile computers, from compact handhelds to full size rugged mobile computers, vehicle mounts and more.   

  • Easy to deploy and cost-effective

    This PTT solution is extraordinarily easy to implement—no server or PBX integration is required. Once the PTT Express voice client has been enabled on compatible Zebra devices, workers will enjoy the instant accessibility that PTT communications deliver. And the voice client is easy to deploy—your customers can use either ActiveSync or Zebra's mobile device management solutions.

  • Enterprise-class security for your voice communications

    Secures your voice communications secure and allows you to choose the right level of security for different types of communications through support for open, WEP and WPA-TKIP-PSK modes. 

Fast, easy, and cost-effective 

  • Mobile Computers

    Capture and exchange the business-critcal information your business needs.

    Mobile Computers

  • Services

    Zebra Services help get your PTT Express solution up and running quickly, easily and cost-effectively.


  • Solutions

    Zebra’s suite of solutions delivers unprecedented visibility, optimized operations and empowered workers.



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With Zebra's Mobility DNA, connect every strand of your mobility platform for a simplified, integrated solution using our full line of mobile computers, off-the-shelf, end user applications, robust administration utilities and effortless applications development tools.


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