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What's Inside Hardware Matters

Intelligent Software, Applications and Utilities for Exponential Power

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How We Transform Devices Into Enterprise-Engineered Solutions

You buy hardware. Then what? You still need to integrate, manage and make it useful for front line workers. Zebra DNA solves those challenges by embedding a level of intelligence inside our devices that no one else can approach. Zebra DNA is a portfolio of software, applications and utilities that transforms your Zebra mobile computers, scanners and printers into true enterprise solutions. Zebra DNA includes Mobility DNA, Print DNA and DataCapture DNA to ensure all Zebra devices are equipped with the necessary capabilities to optimize your daily operations. And it doesn’t stop there. We continually update our portfolio suite to evolve with your business needs.

  • Exponential Capabilities

    When you have the power to boost productivity, simplify device management, ease integration and app development, you have more than hardware. You have a catalyst for real change. Zebra DNA is the key to transforming hardware into impact for better business.

  • A Better Value for Investments

    There’s hardware, and then, there’s Zebra technology, preloaded with the most extensive lineup of intelligent software, applications and utilities on the market. No other vendor — whether consumer or enterprise — can provide you with so much return for your investment. Such rich offerings slash total cost of ownership and extend the life cycle of your business-critical devices.

  • Enterprise-Grade Security

    Safeguarding data and devices is a top priority for you — and for Zebra. That’s why security is at the core of Zebra DNA and our R&D investment. Every solution in the Zebra DNA portfolio is designed to minimize your vulnerability and reduce security-related risks.

Unique Capabilities

Why settle for a mere device, when you can have an enterprise-ready force? Each DNA ramps up the power and performance of its product category.

For Mobile Computers

Experience a new breed of mobility with intelligence that gives Zebra mobile computers distinct enterprise traits.

For Scanners

Go beyond the barcode with intelligence that simplifies the entire scanning experience.

For Thermal Printers

Transform printers with intelligence that gives Zebra printers business-catalytic capabilities.