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Environmental Sensors

Zebra temperature sensors and monitors

Bring Innovative Supply Chain Visibility into All Your Environmentally Sensitive Products

Zebra’s cutting-edge portfolio of environmental sensors reimagines supply chain visibility. They see more and can tell you a lot more. From ready-to-use to thermal printable indicators, to electronic sensors that wirelessly monitor your environmentally sensitive products, your one-stop shop for complete cold chain and related solutions has you covered.

  • Cost-Effective Supply Chain Visibility

    Our visual and electronic sensors meet a wide range of applications and budgets. Easily integrate a cost-effective solution into your existing systems and processes. Increase visibility and gain expanded control to know whether your sensitive products have remained within their environmental parameters or have been properly processed across the supply chain.

  • Powerful Data Insights With Real Impact

    Empower your frontline workers to take immediate action to ensure proper product processing or prevent and manage excursions. Visual indicators and dashboards help make better decisions on the fly to avoid disruptions and customer dissatisfaction. Improve your bottom line by minimizing waste, optimizing efficiency and reducing costs.

  • Unparalleled Industry Expertise

    Combining Zebra’s 50+ years of track and trace innovation with Temptime’s 30+ years of experience developing environmental monitoring products, we can deliver fully integrated solutions to help you monitor your environmentally sensitive products across the supply chain. Get the peace of mind you need to focus on your customers and scale your business.

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Customize a temperature-monitoring and sensing solution to fit your unique stability profiles, storage requirements and shipping demands. Zebra ready-to-use indicators for temperature-sensitive vaccines, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food and others, support a wide range of applications and use cases, helping you maximize efficiencies and accelerate workflows.

Gain insights into an asset's environmental exposure using the same label where you print variable text and barcodes on demand. Our customizable, printable indicators add an extra layer of critical information on a thermal printable label, combining asset identification and environmental insights into a single solution that does it all.

Wirelessly monitor your environmentally sensitive products throughout the entire shipping and storing process. Our portable, Bluetooth®-enabled environmental sensors allow you to record and retrieve data through packing materials, containers, trucks, cold chain equipment and climate-controlled rooms without jeopardizing environmental integrity.

Put your medication packaging to the test.  With expert third party package performance testing, you’ll not only get the detailed time and temperature data you need, but a custom-tailored approach.

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Zebra’s Environmental Sensing Solutions

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