Package Performance Qualification Testing

PPQ Guide from Zebra

Support Delivering the Best Patient Care and Simplify Compliance

Get access to proven processes that provide the needed 3rd party shipping data to show your packouts meet your standard operating procedures and expectations as part of a best practice program to deliver the best care to your patients. Package performance qualification (PPQ) testing delivered by Temptime, a Zebra Technologies company, quickly and conveniently gives you the data you need to identify packaging issues in all seasons under real world scenarios. It’s also required for certain pharmacy accreditations and participation in some pharmacy networks.

  • Custom Tailored Testing Approach

    Our approach is specifically tailored to your specific use case. It factors in modes of transportation, shipping durations, excursion allowances, product temperature profiles and geographic service area to ensure throrough testing of your packaging's performance.

  • Thorough Two-Phase Approach

    We’ll start by gaining insights on your current packouts and standard operating procedures. We’ll then provide you with temperature monitoring devices as well as share pharmacy cold chain best practices and connect you with a packaging expert for additional guidance if needed.

  • Reliable and Affordable Insights

    With over 30 years of experience in temperature monitoring for sensitive biologics, you can rely on Zebra to provide you with packaging performance insights, allowing you to free up internal resources for other important projects.

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