Whether for URAC compliance, network participation or ongoing quality assurance — third-party Package Performance Qualification (PPQ) delivers. Here’s how it works.

Phase 1: Package Evaluation

You send various sizes of medication packages with wireless sensors to the third party for evaluation–who then provides package configuration recommendations.

Phase 1 PPQ Flow Diagram

Phase 2: PPQ Testing

Based on Phase 1 recommendations, test packages with wireless sensors are shipped to different geographies, using varied modes of transportation. Time-temperature data is collected for the third party to prepare a PPQ Report.

Phase 1 PPQ Flow Diagram

Why Zebra for PPQ?

We do not believe in a one size fits all approach, we tailor your PPQ based on a number of factors, including:

  • Modes of transportation by which medication is sent–ground or air (or both)
  • Various shipping durations – for example, 24, 48 and/or 72 hours
  • Excursion allowances, for example +/- 0.5Cº and +/- 1Cº
  • Different temperature profiles such as refrigerated, room temperature (CRT) and/or frozen packouts
  • Specific testing for each unique geographic service area

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