IP68 Mobile Computers

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Rugged Mobility with IP68 Mobile Computers

Anticipating a severe dust storm near a job site? Want to power through a pipeline inspection or have a research excursion during monsoon season? IP68 rated mobile computers from Zebra will continue to work – and support your work – in the midst of sideways rain and flooded roads. If there is a wireless signal from the carrier, Zebra tablets will connect enabling real-time communication. These ultra-rugged mobile computers are always available for mobile workers, including those who spend their days in challenging industrial or field service environments where they are constantly exposed to severe wind, dust or rain. An IP6x-rated device provides maximum protection against the dust and grit particles. Your mobile computer will not be harmed by these fine particles, which are often found in factories and in the field. They can be far more harmful to non-protected mobile devices than most people realize, often causing failure due to electrical shorts. The strenuous IPx8 water ingress rating ensures that the handheld computer will continue to operate when subjected to extreme rain conditions or after recovering from a fall into a few feet of water.

Zebra Handheld Computers with IP68 Rating

Your workers’ real-world use of tablet and handheld computers can be a lot more extreme than many mobile device manufacturers realize. This is why you need mobile devices that will not fail your field workers, even if dropped into a pool of water or subjected to blowing desert sand.

With Zebra’s IP68 mobile computers in hand, you will have peace of mind that workers will be online at all times. These military-grade waterproof and dustproof handheld computers may be small, but they are ultra-mighty and proven to keep users productive in the most extreme circumstances. Every crevice of Zebra’s pocket-sized IP68 mobile computers is tightly sealed against dust, dirt, sand and water penetration to provide maximum protection against commonly encountered workplace hazards.

Zebra rugged handheld computers don’t have to seek cover from the heavy winds, wind-driven rain, or fine blowing dust that can cause most consumer and commercial-grade mobile devices to fail. Our IP68 ultra-rugged mobile devices can even be submersed beyond 1 meter for up to 30 minutes without shutting down. In other words, your workers can take Zebra’s most rugged handheld computers into the middle of the desert or deep into flooded areas without having to wait for the waters to recede. They will still be able to read your email or take your call without issue and they will always have the mobile computer tools they need to get the job done, no matter the working conditions.

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