Certification Program

Customers, channel partners, industry professionals and  Zebra employees can get certified and be recognized for their competency with Zebra technologies and solutions. A combination of proven methodologies, coursework, and testing will validate candidate knowledge levels and award certification accordingly.





Channel Partners

Certification provides assurance for channel partners and their customers that the partner's employees have solid knowledge to sell and deploy high-performance Zebra products and services that maximize customer benefits. Such expertise will help set the channel partner apart from competition, improve customer satisfaction, earn more referrals, and close more deals. What's more, different certification levels qualify the channel partner for different benefit levels in the PartnerConnect Program.


Customers should get their staff certified to prove they have the expertise needed to fully apply and benefit from the most complex Zebra solutions to solve their specific business needs. This will maximize their return on their Zebra investment. Also, providing their technical staff with the highest quality training demonstrates the company's commitment to their continued education.   


As Zebra constantly expands our product lines and invents cutting-edge technologies, the Certification Program validates that our employees have the knowledge they need to best serve customers and partners, and identifies internal experts in different technical and sales areas.