Reflexis Workforce Management

Optimize labor budgets, schedules and forecasts based on customer demand and workload to streamline operations and retain your next-gen workforce.

Transform Your Workforce Operations

Spend More Time Serving Customers

Enable managers to spend more time on the floor serving customers with automated scheduling.

Maintain Labor Compliance

Track and control labor to maintain compliance with complex labor regulations and enterprise rules.

Give Associates Options and Flexibility

Give store associates visibility and more schedule control with the ability to view, swap and request time off via a mobile device.

Optimize Branch Staffing

Create the right staff mix at the lowest cost for your branch with automated scheduling and AI-powered forecasting.

Give Your Staff Options

Give staff instant access to view schedules from anywhere, swap shifts or request time off all from a mobile device.

Integrate Customer Experiences

Align appointments with scheduling and daily work to deliver better customer and member experiences.

Engage and Retain Employees

Satisfy your workforce with greater visibility and schedule control. Provide employees with mobile access to view schedules, swap shifts and request time off.

Reduce Labor Costs

Match associate schedules with peak hours and eliminate added costs from overstaffing, understaffing and overtime expenses.

Ensure Scheduling Compliance

Monitor and adjust staffing to maintain compliance with increasingly complex labor regulations and avoid costly fines.

Workforce Management Solutions for Greater Agility


Schedule Smarter

Workforce Scheduler™ leverages the power of AI and analytics to improve the end-to-end scheduling process. Optimize forecasting, scheduling and shift management to drive stronger front-line engagement and achieve better financial results.

  • Plan For Demand

    Create optimal schedules based on factors including customer traffic, skills, certifications, budget and employee preferences and availability. AI-powered scheduling ensures you have who you need, where and when you need them.

  • Control Workforce Costs

    Align scheduling with demand to prevent over- and under-staffing. Avoid non-compliance fines, unexpected overtime expenses and payroll leakage to achieve your business goals.

  • Empower Your Employees

    Provide staff with the tools they need to manage their work-life balance with user-friendly and intelligent scheduling features.

  • Benefit from Best-in-Class Multi-Site Scheduling

    Increase scheduling flexibility when you share resources across locations, departments or roles. Align schedules with staff preferences and ensure all locations have the right staff in place.

Time Tracking

Track Time and Attendance and Labor Compliance

Time and Attendance™ provides time entry, labor tracking and payroll integration functionality, streamlining compliance with all applicable labor laws, rules and regulations.

  • Improve Accuracy and Safety with Touchless Clocking

    Help your workplace stay healthy and safe when you leverage facial recognition, voice control and/or QR codes. Allow associates to clock in and out without time cards or badges with touchless clocking.

  • Ensure Compliance

    Maintain compliance with a flexible solution designed to address common challenges like punch and shift rounding, rate processing and late and early clock-ins.

  • Configure to Meet Your Needs

    Maximize productivity and compliance with real-time visibility into detailed activity and location-wide time entry verifications.


Enhance Scheduling, Empower Teams

Employee Self-Service™ gives associates the flexibility to control their schedules on a mobile-first interface.

  • Simplify Scheduling for Employees

    Your staff can adjust their schedules to fit their needs—requesting shift swaps, adjusting availability, viewing accrual balances and more—all from their mobile device.

  • Streamline Scheduling for Managers

    Managers can track scheduling requests, make last-minute adjustments and ensure compliance for faster, more accurate scheduling.

  • Improve Employee Schedule Flexibility

    Boost employee productivity and morale with a tool that lets them strike a better work-life balance. Grant flexibility to adjust schedules on the go and have more control over where, when and how often employees work.

  • Optimize Scheduling Based on Skillsets

    Give your associates the ability to pick up open shifts at multiple locations for greater flexibility and convenience. Ensure that all locations have staff with the right skills available at the right time.


Deliver a Superior Customer Experience

Customer Connect™ lets you mix and match customer engagement tools that integrate into your scheduling and customer management systems.

  • Schedule Appointments Effortlessly

    Easily manage all types of appointments including in-person, virtual and offsite with our customizable scheduling rules engine. Cross-check employees’ availability and physical assets and leverage automatic reminders to ensure everyone is aligned.

  • Reduce Customer Wait Times

    Leverage intelligent hybrid queues that regulate traffic in order to provide customers with real-time estimates for queue positions and wait times.

  • Provide Superior Customer Support

    Connect customers with the right experts who can help reduce wait times, cut down on repeat directions and track interactions to provide better service.

  • Create Personalized Events

    Optimize event and workshop experiences with mobile-first features such as the self-service portal to manage event information, automate staff assignments and view live information whenever you need to access it.

AI Solutions

Drive Intelligent Operations

Leverage the power of Reflexis AI solutions to optimize labor budgeting, scheduling, associate performance and more.

  • Maximize Scheduling Efficiency

    Let AI Staff Planner improve the accuracy of your staffing forecasts based on a wider and deeper swath of data and analytics. You’ll receive answers to critical labor questions and the flexibility to adjust to demand.

  • Simplify Budget Planning

    Replace time-intensive spreadsheets with AI Budget Planner. Designing and executing best-practice actions becomes faster and easier, helping you optimize labor budgets across locations, departments, projects and more.

  • Gauge On-Site Performance

    Get precise visibility into on-site performance with AI Performance Manager. Its 
realtime alerts offer data on how locations, departments and employees are performing against goals, benchmarks and peer-locations.

We chose Reflexis because it was a complete concept and we had tremendous trust in everyone we encountered. We knew that they were forward-thinking and had our best interest in mind and so, it was a fairly easy decision.

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Recognizing Reflexis

Partner with an industry leader with more than 50 years of field-proven expertise.

2023 RIS Software LeaderBoard

Zebra was voted a top software vendor across 24 categories. Additionally, Zebra moved up one spot from last year to sixth best overall in the prestigious Top 20 category, marking its fourth consecutive year in the Top 10.

Nucleus Research's 2023 Workforce Management (WFM) Technology Value Matrix

For the fifth consecutive row, Zebra Technologies is named a Leader in Nucleus Research's WFM Technology Value Matrix for helping retailers meet employee and customer needs and streamline task execution.

Discover More Solutions to Help You Boost Associate Performance

Explore technology in our ecosystem that can empower your associates, overhaul your performance and maximize your potential.

Reflexis Real-Time Task Manager
Reflexis Real-Time Task Manager

Streamline task execution with an intuitive and mobile-first interface that allows you to push tasks directly to your associates.

Workforce Connect
Workforce Connect

Empower employees to get immediate answers, solve customer problems and do more with less on a suite of essential communication and collaboration tools including push-to-talk, voice, analytics and more—all stored on one device.

Zebra Prescriptive Analytics
Zebra Prescriptive Analytics

Uncover cost-savings opportunities from your data and send course-corrective actions to your front line to recover losses and seize more sales.

Zebra Tablets
Zebra Tablets

Work your way with purpose-built and tailored tablets that feature far-reaching wireless capabilities, flexible add-on features and a highly secure, fully configurable operating system built to work on Android or Windows 10 devices.


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