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Whenever Businesses Find Their Edge, Zebra Is There.

Industry Solutions

Be More Efficient, Effective and Empowered.

Business and Industry Solutions

As the world gets more and more connected, consumers expect faster service and more customization. To satisfy your customers and gain a competitive advantage, enable the front line of your enterprise with business solutions that drive better, faster and smarter performance. Zebra hardware, software, supplies and services empower you to:

  • Connect your people, assets and data
  • Gain new operational visibility
  • Make better business decisions in real time
  • Speed up work
  • Improve accuracy
  • Transform the customer experience

Our customized ecosystem of enterprise solutions allows your organization to reach new levels of performance from the front lines.


Unprecedented Visibility

As global integrated value chains become increasingly complex and volatile, businesses need greater visibility into their assets. We can help you identify where your assets are, and also what state they are in.

Optimized Operations

Globalization means more opportunities to grow your business, but it also means operational complexity is on the rise. With greater visibility, control and automation, we can simplify and optimize your operations so you can focus on innovation.

Empowered Workers

Your employees are on the front lines of your business. Give them the tools they need to communicate and collaborate, and you will empower them to increase productivity.

Zebra's Business and Industry Solutions


The lines between brick and mortar and online shopping have blurred, and customers demand a seamless experience however they shop. Empower your team to deliver the experience customers expect and advance performance where it matters most — at the front lines of your business.

Warehouse and Distribution

Being well-connected with visibility into all assets, people, and processes is crucial to having an integrated, productive, and profitable supply chain. Zebra’s mobile computing, scanning, and printing solutions connect each warehouse operational area to help you realize transformational gains.


Ensuring the right patient receives the right care at the right time is critical. Empower your care team with a performance edge by connecting them to patient data, clinicians and providers in real time — and elevate the quality of overall care.


We help manufacturers succeed by connecting them to the real-time informational intelligence they need to shave off seconds, drive down defects and work more safely.

Field Operations

Give your company a mobility strategy to address today’s unique in-the-field challenges, while providing your field workers the tools they need to stay on time and on task. Surround them with an ecosystem of support so they can perform unfazed by the unexpected and deliver unprecedented results.

Transportation and Logistics

Whether by air, ground or sea, specialized technology designed for each logistical category accelerates productivity, profitability and operations.


At the front of the counter, or behind the scenes, you need to serve guests quickly, accurately and hospitably while meeting stringent regulations. Our technology solutions enable your team to deliver the experience guests expect with a performance edge.

Energy and Utilities

High performance energy and utilities organizations need field service workers armed with the right tools to capture, assess and share critical data in harsh conditions. Zebra's ruggedized mobility solutions give technicians access to real-time data and guidance through connected mobile workflows.


Whatever your public sector mission, Zebra's government technology products, solutions and services integrate cutting-edge technology, enabling you to capture real-time data at the edge for maximum operational awareness and smarter decision making. 


Transform your bank’s performance with the Reflexis unified platform for branch execution and workforce management. With Zebra's rugged tablets, self-service kiosks, identification scanning, and asset tracking solutions, you can supercharge your bank’s digital transformation efforts.

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